Yoga: Where to Begin

Yoga: Where to Begin

Yoga: Where to Begin

Maybe you are already a practitioner of yoga who has friends who want to take yoga… Maybe you are thinking about yoga, but aren’t sure how to begin.  Here are a few thoughts on how to create a practice that lasts:

First, pick a time of day and day of the week that is conducive to your schedule.

Second, try all the teachers and yoga schools that have classes at that time.

Third, find a class and teacher that meets your needs- physically, energetically or emotionally.  You may find that  you need one teacher on one day and a different teacher another day.

Fourth, show up.  Getting on the mat is the hardest part.  Once you get on your mat, the rest is easy.

Here are Caroline’s tips for anyone who is new to yoga.  I loved them so much I added them to our website:

What should I wear? We have no mirrors in our yoga spaces so don’t worry about what you look like. Wear comfortable clothes like what you would wear to an exercise class. Yoga is done barefoot, so no shoes required.

What do I need? We have everything you need at each studio. You will want to eventually buy your own yoga mat for hygienic reasons.

What do I do? Arrive a five to ten minutes before the class start time. Tell the teacher if you have any physical challenges or injuries and that this is your first class, or first in a long time. Pick up a mat if you didn’t bring one, and roll out your mat in the studio. Lie down or sit and become quiet.

What do I do with my things? Shoes and personal belongings are left in the cubicles outside. This action represents leaving all your baggage outside the yoga space.

What happens when the class does something I can’t do? Ask the teacher to adapt the pose for you. There are 840,000 different poses. There is always a variation you can do. If you get over-tired or feel over your head, you can always come out of a pose and rest.

What is the word people say at the end of class? At the end of class, we close with the word “Namaste.” Namaste, simply translates as “I see.” It can also mean “the divine in me sees and recognizes the divine in you”. It is a traditional greeting used in India even today. It is a way to remind us of our connection to one another. 

Why should I start yoga? You can ask 10 yoga students and get multiple answers. Strength, peace of mind, flexibility, overcoming physical challenges, better sleep. But most of all – its fun. They only way you will know is come to a class and try it.

Whether you are a new or returning student, we hope to see you soon.

Liz & the Greenville Yoga Family


Elizabeth Delaney