Yoga and Driving

Yoga and Driving

Yoga and Driving

We can learn so much about mindfulness and yoga while driving.  I want you to take this small quiz.  Answer honestly and if you cannot, please ask your spouse to help you.

1.  When driving, do you feel the need to tell everyone what you think of them from behind the windshield?

2.  When driving on the highway are you offended when someone tailgates?

3.  When driving, do you speed up so the annoying person cannot pass you on the right [wrong] side of the road?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to do more yoga or meditate more often.  When our yoga, breathing or meditation practice has truly settled into your daily life these things become a bit less intrusive and easier to release.  Here are a few things you can do to shift your driving experience and the experience of those around you:

  • As mentioned in a previous post, thank the annoying driver for helping you practice patience.  The ones that annoy us the most are our greatest teachers.
  • Pretend you know the person in the car.  The worst thing would be to honk and yell then realize this was your yoga teacher you just told off.
  • When you get ready to shout, shake a fist, raise a finger; pretend you have a Namaste sticker or Yoga sticker on your car.  Do you really want to be angry and give us yogis a bad name?
  • Max taught me that when someone tailgates, imagine they must be on the way to the hospital to take care of an emergency.  Bless them and let them on their way.  Many of life’s problems are caused by assuming things, why not make a different assumption?
  • Last of all, remember you are not the ruler of the road or enforcer of all that is right.  People mess up, speed, cut people off. We are all human.  Take a moment, breathe, smile and let it go.

I hope this post helps your passengers and helps you drive safely in a state of mindful equanimity.

Namaste~ Liz


Elizabeth Delaney