Work Smarter, Not Harder

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Our recent newsletter had a glitch and this article was missing… Here is the latest news about our new studio software program.  Welcome to the 21st century Greenville Yoga!  🙂

You may have noticed a fancy new apparatus in the yoga studio.  Or you may have noticed you can ‘sign up and pay’ for classes online.  Or maybe you haven’t noticed any of this as you haven’t been to see us in a while!

One of my goals this year in finding balance is to work smarter, not harder.  Owning my own business I spend a LOT of time working.  For the past year I have considered using software for the studio, but never have found one that worked for us.  Finally, I found it!  The perfect fit.  TULA is a company run by husband and wife. She owns a small yoga studio in Chicago and he is a software designer and programmer.  Their product matched our needs and the heart of this studio.

We are all just learning how to operate our new addition, so please be patient with us.  For those of you who already receive our monthly newsletter, you are already in our system and if you had prepay cards they are already uploaded.  If you are not a ‘newsletter subscriber’ you will have to claim your account online.

Please know this was a hard decision for us. We love pencil paper and I love the ladies at the Credit Union as I walk in with stacks of $1 bills and $5 checks.  However, this just makes sense to balance out my time managing the studio with the time I want to create new classes and courses of study.  Thank you all for supporting this decision and helping us laugh along the way!

With love ~ Liz

Signing Up for Your Account:

With Tula, new students will create an account by signing up for a class or making an online purchase. We don’t like the idea of your first time students spending time creating an account if you are just coming to try a class.  If you come, however, and decide you love us, then please do so.

So the process for a new student works like this:

  1. Sign up for a class and/or purchase a pass online
  2. We will match the purchase/registration. This action creates a student’s account in Tula
  3. Attend first class
  4. Now that the purchase/registration has been matched and a student has an account he / she can claim the account from the student access page of our website.

Now you can prepay for a bundle of classes online, monthly passes, as well as workshops and retreats!


Elizabeth Delaney