When Practice Feels Like a Chore

When Practice Feels Like a Chore

When Practice Feels Like a Chore

We have all heard (or I hope you have heard) that a small amount of yoga daily is better than longer sessions once per week.  Getting on your mat, even for the slightest amount of time, each day is more important than having one long, sweaty practice every once and a while.  If we know this is true, what do you do when practice begins to feel like something on your “to do” list versus something that brings you peace, joy, and presence?

I have been struggling with this very thing this week.  Last week brought about a weird flu-type illness and I wasn’t able to get on the mat.  Tuesday I finally felt good enough to practice and it felt great.  By today (Wednesday), I felt like I had so much catch up on that I did not want to get on my mat.

When Nyema was here she said that you can tell a lot about yourself based on your thoughts and what you do.  She asked us all to do a gut check and decipher which we spent more time thinking about our spiritual growth or our to do lists.  Hmmm… Honestly?  It depends on the day.  Today as I persuaded myself out of my yoga practice, it was because of a long to do list.  I realize I gave that more time than my spiritual life.  (Granted I did stop when my alarm rang on my phone reminding me to be mindful.  I stopped and breathed for all of two whole minutes.)

Sitting here writing this, I realize that my practice is my spiritual fuel.  It is not a workout.  It is not a time out.  It is not for anyone else.  It is not part of my to do list, it is what helps me stay calm and anxiety-free.  I realize I just need to sit on my mat and breathe.  I may even lay on a bolster and breathe.  Who knows… I may even feel inspired to do a little more.

If you have something that has worked for you, share here.  I think this is a common thought for many of us and it would be great to have other ideas to refer back to the next time anyone feels stuck.


Elizabeth Delaney