What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

After my travels out west this summer, I knew with certainty that I would go back and live there one day (especially Sedona).  I came home wondering if now was the time.  I took some time to really think things through and I realized that I am not ready to make a big move just yet.  I have kids in great schools.  The kids have their dad here.  I have a truly supportive community.  And I’m just not done here yet.  But I also know I need a change.

We moved every few years growing up.  I moved every few years in my adult life.  I have been in Greenville in the same home for thirteen years!  That is the longest I have been anywhere.  I have looked at homes and cities for the last three and a half years since my marriage separated, but nothing felt right.  For the last three and a half years, I felt like I have been waiting for my “real life” to begin.

About a month ago a realtor friend sent me a house via email.  It was a house I immediately was drawn to and fell in love with.  I wondered if the man I was dating might want to do this together… after one conversation I knew that wasn’t the right time.  And I was pretty let down.  I figured I couldn’t do this alone- sell a home, buy a home, redo a home.  But after another week, I realized I can’t keep waiting for life to begin.  It might be time to take that chance again.  Fear was literally the only thing holding me back!

Instead of leaping, like I used to… (that’s too hard to do now with two children depending on me financially and emotionally) I decided to approach this one small step at a time. If it was meant to be the steps would lead somewhere.  So, first I called the bank and got pre approved.  Next, I put in an offer.  They countered. I countered.  I got the house!  Next steps are still in motion- list and sell my home, move into a rental home for a while, then finally land in our new home. The home created for just me and my kids.  I am no longer waiting for my real life to begin.  I finally started living this life right here for me.  I have finally come to accept that family is not necessarily a man, a woman and their children.  My family is the messier sort- me, the kids, our extended family, my dear friends.  I had to grieve the loss of what I hoped would be for us and now bravely step into what is right here and all the gifts we have been given.

If you are scared today, what is your next right step?  What is it you’ve been waiting for in order to begin a new project or make a big change?  What if you stopped waiting and just moved forward one step at a time?  What then?


Elizabeth Delaney