Unexpected Changes

Unexpected Changes

Unexpected Changes

Dear Students,

We regretfully announce that Janice is no longer teaching at Greenville Yoga.  We know how much she is loved and what a great teacher she is.  We know many of you have only practiced with Janice and have learned a great deal over the years.  We know she will be greatly missed.

In this time of transition, we wanted to reach out to each of you.  We don’t want you to feel lost in your own yoga home.  For those of you who take the Empower Yoga classes, we will be sure the teachers offer you the alignment-based principles you love.  For those of you who take the Therapeutic Yoga classes, we will be sure to find a teacher that sees you and will take care of each of your individual needs.

Even through this change, please know that this home is still your home and we will do everything we can to ensure your comfort and confidence in us.  We value your feedback as we transition into a new fall schedule in September.  First, if you have any feedback about teachers or classes, please feel free to email me (liz@greenvilleyoga.com) and I will respond within 48 hours.  I am happy to help guide teachers along the way with your feedback to help you continue to enjoy your yoga journey here. Second, we are considering changing the 9:15 am class to 8:30am and the 10:45am Therapeutic class time from 10-11am.  Please let me know if you will still be able to attend class with the earlier starting time.  We value your feedback and would like to hear from you.

We know there are many options for yoga in Greenville, and we are honored by your presence each and every time you are here.

With love,

Liz & Brian


Elizabeth Delaney