Time to Get Inspired!

Time to Get Inspired!

Some of you know that we finally created a monthly unlimited pass with special benefits.  On top of unlimited yoga classes for the month, you get a free monthly workshop, 20% off other workshops and retail.  What we’ve realized is that the more dedicated you have become, the more inspired we have become as your teacher / leaders.  So we decided to up the ante…

We know that once you start practicing yoga more you start making subtle changes in your life.  You begin to live your yoga each day.  This may be in taking more time for self-care, making healthy switches in your diet, home or health products, it may even mean taking more time to daydream and see what makes you come alive.  Now if you sign up for our Inspired Path, you will be connected to some amazing small businesses (our Inspired Partners) with samples, free sessions and discounts on products and services.  We know yoga is about so much more than the poses!

To get you really motivated to sign up, we will offer our usual rate of $108 per month until the month of June.  When our pricing goes up June 1st, your rate will stay the same AND you still get the goodie bag  from our Inpsired Partners.  If you have been looking for a reason to show up or to get on your mat a little more each day, now is the time!  We’d love to see you here more.

Thanks for all you do to create such a powerful community here.  We are so very fortunate!


Elizabeth Delaney