The Next Phase

The Next Phase

Greenville Yoga has been our home for over twelve years now.  When we first opened, we were one of two (maybe three) yoga studios in town.  But a decade plus later, Greenville has grown by leaps and bounds!  Our teachers have grown, our student base has grown and with the growth and the development of Stone Avenue, we see what’s coming down the road.  Our goal is to be here to serve our community for another decade or as long as we are able.

I struggle to walk that fine line between yogi and business owner.  Those of us that wear the yoga hat first are often empathetic and want to give as much as we can. Those that wear the business hat first are great entrepreneurs and have built yoga empires.  Me, I try to balance both.  I am not a fantastic business woman.  As my accountant says, “Your open heart could shut you down one day.”  So, thirteen years in… I am learning to walk the fine line of yogi-business owner extraordinaire.  My hope as we approach our next decade is to create a sustainable, lively yoga community where we all work together to transform not only our hearts, but our communities as well.

Knowing what I know about real estate and Greenville’s trends, part of this natural evolution is to raise our prices.  This will be the first time since we opened our doors in 2005.  I hate change as much as anyone out there.  But we have put a few new / fun things in place to inspire you along the way.

Here is what you need to know for 2018:

  • Any passes you purchase between now and January 1st will be honored in the new year. Stock up to keep you current class rate!
  • Drop-Ins will be $12 for regular classes and $6 for our community classes.
  • Class packages will be available. If you prepay $60, you can keep the $10 and $5 rate for the classes you attend.
  • We have a new unlimited pass called The Inspired Path- $108 / auto drafted each month and you get one free workshop per month and discounts galore! (see below)
  • Teachers, first responders and military- we are changing things up for you too. In lieu of a per class discount, we are offering a Karma Path of monthly yoga just for you. Speak to your favorite teacher for details.


Here’s more about the Inspired Path:

We have something new to offer you…Step outside your comfort zone! Practicing yoga one day a week will not change your life. However, showing up for your yoga three times per week or more will transform your life more than you can ever imagine. Once you push your boundaries, they will expand to fit your new reality and your life will change. Join your fellow community members and begin the Inspired Path. The Inspired Path is available to anyone ready to change his or her life. Please fill out your Commitment Declaration Page available in-studio and return to the teacher at the desk. $108 / month.


  • Free monthly “Take It to the Next Level” classa Level 3 class to expand your comfort zone and your physical practice. (click our workshops page to see what we have cooked up already)
  • Enjoy special events just for you– movie night, hikes, special gatherings.
  • 10% off of workshops & local retreats
  • 10% off of retail items- mats & t-shirts
  • Sign a declaration page to state your intention and get a free tote bag!
  • Make a commitment to yoga as part of your life.
  • We will not let you fail and you will give us permission to hold you accountable for showing up.
  • Monthly draft from your account without having to do a thing.
  • If our prices ever go up for this path, you will continue to pay the same rate forever.
  • Sign up today from your computer, phone or iPad.

May we all roll with the changes as we roll into 2018 and the next phase of Greenville Yoga.  May we continue to be a place that feels like home and that inspires you to transform your life from the inside out.  Thank you all for being here with us on this journey!

With love~ Liz & the Greenville Yoga family


Elizabeth Delaney