Sraddha (Faith)

Sraddha (Faith)

Sraddha (Faith)

Lately life seems to be moving too fast and changing at a rapid pace.  Some days I am able to flow seamlessly from one event to the next and everything feels right.  Other days I feel like I am struggling to keep the energy up to put one foot in front of the other.  I decided to look at this objectively and see if I could find a pattern… It wasn’t as though life was different from one week to the next, but I was somehow different.  So I decided to take a step back and see.

When I took a step back, I noticed when I stopped fighting reality I had plenty of energy to move through my days regardless of the amount of activity.  I could get more accomplished and when I laid my head down I didn’t feel so entirely spent.  The days that a struggled it seemed I wanted reality to be other than it was.  I wanted someone else to be here to help with the dogs, cats and kids.  I wanted there to be less to do on my calendar.  I wanted reality and people to be different than they were.

Last week, I was in the midst of a struggle.  Not a real one, but a perceived struggle.  I was fighting reality big time.  I was exhausted and overwhelmed.  Tuesday night I sat down with my weekly book study group and felt like a failure that I couldn’t make it all work.  Through the course of our conversation they reminded me of this word- sraddha.  Sraddha is loosely translated as faith.  I like to think of it as faith and trust.  This was the difference in flow of my days.

The days I had faith and trust that everything is exactly as it should be, I could float through effortlessly.  The days I wanted someone to behave in a different manner or wished certain things away, I struggled as if I was on a sinking ship.  Once I stepped back and saw this clearly there was only one thing to do- trust and let go.  I lessened my grip on how life “ought to be” and held on to my faith that everything is “as it should be.”  This faith has allowed me to feel lighter, freer and now I have just the right amount of energy to attend to all of my tasks at hand.

It is simple really… just shift the landscape of your mind.  Are you fighting or do you have faith?  Can you let go of the fight and settle into what is?  Can you trust the truth of this moment to lead you down the path that was meant for you all along?  Sraddha.  Faith.  Trust.  Why not?



Elizabeth Delaney