It is our goal to bring inspiring guest teachers to the Greenville area, as well as offer workshops with knowledgeable, local teachers. We hope that you will find a variety of workshops and events that enable you to discover and learn more about your own yoga practice. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before a workshop start time out of respect to our guest teachers.

If you are interested in our retreat schedule, please visit our retreats page and be sure to sign up at least four to six weeks in advance.

To pre-register for any workshop, you can pay online using the class calendar or bring a check to the studio.



The Next Level: Nidra, the Sleep of the Yogi with Jill McBurney

February 16, 2019 

Yoga nidra is an ancient practice, a guided meditation that is offered to a student who is lying down and supported by props in a place of full comfort. Learn what yoga nidra is, what is happening in the practice, and why it can be so beneficial. The experiential practice, a 35-40 minute mediation, provides opportunity to feel opposites of sensation in your physical body, explore your breath, observe the workings of your mind, feel the edges of your emotions and more. A regular practice of yoga nidra can help you welcome life as it is happening and to respond, rather than react, to every situation you encounter (yes, even the challenging ones). Time for questions and sharing will wrap up this lovely workshop.

time: 2-4pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)


The Heart of Yoga with Erick Herlong

February 23, 2019 

Begin to live your yoga and experience the heart of yoga by learning to directly participate in each moment, and in turn to experience the natural wonder of your life.

In this workshop we will explore and discuss how to use yoga practices in day to day life to feel more connected to your current state of being. Join Erick for a group discussion about how to create a daily practice of asana (poses) and pranayama (breathwork) that is adapted for your body type, age, health and mental/ emotional condition. Learn several other yogic tools which you may enjoy adding to your daily practices in order to taproot present moment awareness.

Class will include a 75-minute breath centered yoga practice that gives you time to and space to connect to each moment just as it is.

time: 2-4pm
cost: $24 ($20 for Inspired Path members)

Greenville Yoga Adventures: Take a Hike

February 24, 2019 

Hike up to the beautiful John Rock.

Join two Greenville Yoga teachers, Heather and Kelly, for an adventure in the wilderness.
• Leave GY at 9am
• Drive is about 90 minutes- but worth it!
• Bring lunch, water and snacks.
• Will stop for coffee on the way.
• Moderately easy, fun hike!
• Dogs welcome on a leash.
• If weather looks prohibitive that day, we will change plans.
• Contact Heather with questions (864)420-0933

Time: 9am-3ishpm
Cost: FREE


The Next Level: Yoga Reboot with Lynn

March 9, 2019 

Have you been practicing yoga a long time?  Have you taken your 100oth downward dog?  Are you starting to feel rote in your practice?  Or are you new to yoga and you aren’t even sure where your dog is supposed to go?  Join Lynn for a “Yoga Reboot.” This class is meant to bring new life to the same old poses.  Class will focus on the basic alignments in each pose to help newer students, as well as refining your habits to bring new life to poses for more seasoned students.  Lynn’s guidance will even help you understand the lines of energy in each pose which brings a whole new vitality to your practice.  Get to know your physical body a little bit more and enjoy the sweetness of the subtleties in yoga.

time: 2-4pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)


Detox Time: Spring Yin with Matt Rolin

March 23, 2019 

When we hear Spring Detox, really it’s all about the Liver. The liver is responsible for filtering, detoxifying, nourishing, replenishing, and storing blood. Think of this 2-hour Yin session as Spring cleaning for the body, heart and mind. A detoxifying practice focused on the outer hips.

Physical Imbalances: Liver function is reflected externally in the condition of finger and toenails and by the eyes and vision.

Emotional Imbalances: The liver governs growth and development, drive and desires, ambitions and creativity. Obstruction of liver energy can cause intense feelings of frustration, rage, and anger… as well as irritability, resentment, jealousy and depression.

When Balanced: Kindness, benevolence, compassion, and generosity.

What are you waiting for?

time: 2-4pm
cost: $24 ($20 for Inspired Path members)

The Next Level: Yoga Plus One with Caroline

April 6, 2019 

Details coming soon….

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)

Spring Kirtan with Erick Herlong & Friends

April 6, 2019 

The word kirtan stems from a Sanskrit root that means to cut through. David Newman (teacher of kirtan) says kirtan is also “a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts and connecting to the moment through sound.”

Please join us for a blissful evening enjoying the Bhakti Yoga practice of Kirtan, a tradition of singing universal mantras in a call and response format. Bhakti yoga is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment. Bhakti means “devotion” or “love” and this path contains various practices to unite the bhakta with the divine. One of those practices, Kirtan is the most popular path in the west, as it invites everyone to participate in whatever way feels right for them. It only requires your showing up with an open mind and a joyful spirit. During the Kirtan we will blend our voices to create a deep sense of connection to something greater than ourselves, as we purify our hearts and liberate our souls with this ancient devotional practice.

• Time: 7-9pm
• Cost: donations


Day of Service: Period Packing Party

April 7, 2019 

We NEED you! Each quarter we are hosting a Period Packing Party for the Homeless Period Project. It is a great way to serve, laugh and get to know one another. We could use your time and / or donations:

For example, if our goal is to make 200 packs we will need to raise:
*1000 tampons (25 boxes)
*1000 pads (21 boxes)
*1000 liners. (21 boxes)

And we need beautiful humans to pack these care packages. Many hands create light work. We hope to see you here!

time: 1-3pm
cost: none


Max Strom Weekend!

Dates changed to December 6-8, 2019