It is our goal to bring inspiring guest teachers to the Greenville area, as well as offer workshops with knowledgeable, local teachers. We hope that you will find a variety of workshops and events that enable you to discover and learn more about your own yoga practice. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before a workshop start time out of respect to our guest teachers.

If you are interested in our retreat schedule, please visit our retreats page and be sure to sign up at least four to six weeks in advance.

To pre-register for any workshop, you can pay online using the class calendar or bring a check to the studio.


The Next Level: Preparing for Headstand with Kelly

December 1, 2018 

Join Kelly as she teaches you step-by-step how to prepare for headstand before the actual lift-off.  Learn how to ensure your safety as you move, even if you are a beginning yoga student.  Instead of rushing frantically to get upside down, learn to go slow and pause, feeling each step breath by breath.  There really is no end goal.  The way to upside down will be the practice for this special Next Level class. Click here to register online.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)

Let Go of the Past… Step Into the Present

December 31, 2018 

Tapas & Yin with Liz–  Details coming soon
• Time: 10am-12pm
• Cost: $20

Release & Restore with Jill McBurney– Release the stress and storylines of the year that has gone by and make space for something new to arise.  This will be a gentle class (like our Yoga for EveryBODY with all poses solely on the floor).  Halfway through class we will take a little pause. Then the yoga will  followed by a session of Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation like nothing you’ve experienced before).
• Time: 4-6pm
• Cost: $20


January 1, 2019 

Happy New Year! Level 2 & 3 Flow with Matt
Have some fun with your fellow Greenville Yogis as you delve into a more moderate flow with Matt.  This is a practice to ring in the New Year and set your intentions for 2019.
• Time: 9-11am
• Cost: $20

New Year’s Flow for EveryBODY with Kimmie
Experience a little quiet time for the mind and heart, as well as deep release for the body and soul. Kimmie will offer a gentle practice to help you make room for whatever is to come in the new year.
• Time: 11:30-12:45pm
• Cost: regular class

Flow for Jasmine Road: Rooted In Love with Susan Cannon
Join us for a New Year’s Day fundraiser and flow for our non-profit in 2019.  Susan Cannon will lead you through an all levels flow accessible for all bodies, hearts and minds.

Jasmine Road’s mission is to offer women who are trapped in a cycle of sexual exploitation and addiction a path to freedom, a haven for healing, and the opportunity to flourish, leading to generational change and the betterment of our Greenville community.  Several of our students are on their board and we also lead a weekly yoga class for the women of Jasmine Road. Start your new year with the gift of yoga for you and benefits that ripple far and wide into our community.
• Time: 2-4pm
• Cost: monetary donation to Jasmine Road


Winter Kirtan

January 12, 2019 

The word kirtan stems from a Sanskrit root that means to cut through. David Newman (teacher of kirtan) says kirtan is also “a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts and connecting to the moment through sound.”

Please join us for a blissful evening enjoying the Bhakti Yoga practice of Kirtan, a tradition of singing universal mantras in a call and response format. Bhakti yoga is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment. Bhakti means “devotion” or “love” and this path contains various practices to unite the bhakta with the divine. One of those practices, Kirtan is the most popular path in the west, as it invites everyone to participate in whatever way feels right for them. It only requires your showing up with an open mind and a joyful spirit. During the Kirtan we will blend our voices to create a deep sense of connection to something greater than ourselves, as we purify our hearts and liberate our souls with this ancient devotional practice.

time: 7-9pm
cost: donations

• Time: 7-9pm
• Cost: donations


The Next Level: Close Your Eyes & Look Inside with Lorraine

January 26, 2019 

“If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.”
~ Wayne Dyer

According to research, “We perceive up to 80% of all impressions by means of our sight.” When we stop relying on sight we give rise to our other senses. In this practice we will exercise our vestibular sense, the sense of movement and balance and where we are in space. The simple act of closing the eyes and stepping inward can enhance simple movements and allow you to feel them differently. Sometimes when the eyes are open it is difficult to focus on what matters most: you, how you feel, and what you need. The benefits of this practice may include positive change in blood pressure, an increase in self awareness, a decrease in anxiety, an appreciation for where you are in this moment, a notable calming sensation, as well as deeper feeling of relaxation. Spend some quality time with You. Close your eyes and look inside…you are amazing, one of a kind.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)


The Next Level: Topic TBA with Jill McBurney

February 2019 

Details coming soon….

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)


The Next Level: 

March 2019 

Details coming soon….

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)


Max Strom Weekend!

March 29, 2019 

Details coming soon…




The Next Level: Yoga Plus One with Caroline

April 2019 

Details coming soon….

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $24 (free to Inspired Path Members)