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It is our hope that more people can learn about yoga and how to teach in a safe and effective manner. We offer a 200-hour Yoga Alliance training, as well as several workshops that meet Yoga Alliance requirements for continuing education.

Our approach to teacher training is different than most places. Maybe this is due to our dedicated study with one teacher, Max Strom, since 1999. We feel teacher trainings are highly personal in nature and you must study with the teachers and styles that inspire you. Our trainings are focused on breath-inspired vinyasa flow and personal ethics.  We call this Mindful Flow. This is what has changed our lives and this is what we know. Our teacher training is a year-long study broken into three segments (listed below): ethics, self-study, anatomy, how to communicate clearly, and how to differentiate classes to meet students’ needs.



200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Live Your Yoga: 200-Hour Teacher Training for Nice People

A Mindful Flow, Yin & Meditation Training ~ Winter 2020

Our teacher training is designed in three segments over the course of one year’s time. Take all three courses to complete the 200-hour Yoga Alliance training or take courses individually to enhance your knowledge of Yoga. If you wish to take Segment 2 or 3 and have not been part of our previous teacher trainings, please contact Liz for an interview. We will assess if the program is appropriate and a good complement to what you know and what you wish to teach. Through the completion of this course of study, each teacher will leave with a deeper understanding of yoga as a spiritual tradition and a way to transform the body, mind and heart.

Segment 1- Living the Five Virtues

When your practice is calling you to go beyond the physical… Join us and learn how to live a life full of meaning and integrity. Witness your actions as they become more mindful and align with your beliefs. Immerse yourself in our six-month study with a group of dedicated students who are ready to delve more deeply into the principles and traditions of Yoga. This is a perfect course for anyone who wishes to soak up yogic wisdom or become an example of leadership in their field. Join us for a course that includes courageous personal reflection that allows the highest version of yourself to shine through, and your best life to emerge.

Each weekend we will study one of the Five Causes as taught by Max Strom: gratitude, forgiveness, honesty, kindness, and humility. During the last weekend, you will create a personal code of conduct in order to live your Yoga each day. Weekends will include both a 1 hour 30 minute practice and 2 hour book talk and discussion.

This is also Segment 1 of our year-long teacher training program. If you are interested in an in-depth study of Yoga, please read below and attend all three segments to receive your registry with Yoga Alliance.  We are a dedicated teaching school and aim to graduate leaders in the field of yoga and living an inspired life.

Through this course, you will discover if you are meant to lead through teaching yoga. Our teacher training is open to anyone interested in becoming a teacher. There is NO application process.  It is your effort and dedication in Segment 1 that allows us to see if you are ready to move into Segment 2. There is an application process to continue on to Segment 2 that is quite simple and will be given the last class of the Five Virtues. Dates for Segment 2 will be worked out during segment one with everyone’s schedules in mind.

2020 Dates: 6 Saturdays: 1/11, 2/8, 3/7, 4/4, 5/2 & 5/30

Time: 1:00-4:30pm

Cost: $250 (course only); add monthly unlimited yoga for $54/month for the duration of this course

Register by signing up and paying a $50 deposit or $250 for the course here.

This course is sold out for 2020… please email liz@greenvilleyoga.com if you would like to be on the waiting list.


Segment 2- The Foundation

Discover breath work, asana, and meditation as a way to change your life. We will cover a range of foundational breathing practices, yoga poses, and meditations taught by Liz. You will learn alignment and modifications for each. Skeletal and muscular anatomy will be taught within the context of each group of asanas by Mary Raven DeMarco, a massage therapist and yoga teacher. Upon completion of the course, you will understand the how and why of sequencing to ensure each student’s safety and become a mindful teacher.  Course includes 10 hours of observation and practice teaching with your classmates outside of weekend class time.

Dates: Summer 2020, dates TBA

Time: 6 weekends–Saturdays 10:30-5:30pm, Sundays 10:30-4:00pm

Cost: $1050 (course only), $1450 (course and yoga)


Segment 3- From Instructor to Teacher

This course is for those ready to become teachers who are leaders in the field of Yoga. Learn how to communicate clearly, teach in levels, and inspire your students.  Time will be spent practicing teaching, and you will be given clear, constructive feedback. Learn key points about the business of yoga that will be essential for your success as a teacher. You will be required to have 10 hours of practice teaching outside of class during this segment.

A few of the topics covered:

  • Yin Yoga and Five Element Theory
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Class Experience: Sequencing, Pace, Voice, Cues
  • Professionalism / Business of Yoga
  • Self-care

This is an excellent way for current registered yoga teachers to refine their teaching skills.

Dates: Winter 2021

Time: Four weekends-  Saturdays 10:30-5pm & Sundays 10:30-4pm

Cost: $750 (course only)


All courses can be paid for up front or paid for monthly.  Please contact Liz- liz@greenvilleyoga.com with any further questions.



Continuing Education Offerings (YA CEUs)


Max Strom- Breathe to Heal

December 2019

This 18-hour transformational event Max will reveal his secrets and techniques on:

  • The interconnection of the emotions with the mind and body
  • Connection, Vulnerability, Isolation, Intimacy
  • Crisis as an Axis of Transformation
  • Triggering Emotional Healing
  • Lifespan tools, writing and discussion.
  • Evolutionary Breathing Patterns to:
    • alleviate anxiety
    • improve sleep
    • improve grief
    • alleviate depression
    • refocus and relax at work

This course is 18 hours over 3 days.  Eligible for 18 CEUs with Yoga Alliance.

Born with severe clubbed feet, Max Strom spent much of the first six years of his life with his feet confined in plaster casts and braces. Today, he is known for inspiring and impacting the lives of people from all walks of life, teaching personal transformation and Inner Axis yoga worldwide. His teachings are not limited by contemporary yoga culture, and instead they are known to reach the heart of people across the globe. His method addresses the internal, and emotional aspects of our life, as well as physical healing. He has taught tens of thousands of students, trained several hundred teachers. Many know him for his two inspiring books: A Life Worth Breathing, published in five languages and used as required reading in many yoga trainings, and, There is No APP for Happiness, addressing the challenge of finding meaning in the digital age. A dynamic speaker, Max has presented three TEDx events, a keynote speech on ethics at the Lu Lu Lemon global management conference, and keynote addresses at wellness conferences, corporate conferences, and many yoga festivals. Most recently he presented at the first Wellness Symposium in Saudi Arabia, and the prestigious World Government Summit in Dubai. His TEDx talk, Breathe to Heal, is one of the most viewed talks on breath work in history. Max is recognized by both the Yoga Alliance US and UK at their Advanced Teacher Level (ERYT 500). You can see more of Max Strom’s work on his DVDs. www.maxstrom.com

Space will be limited. First come, first serve. Must pay in full to hold your space. This event will sell out. No refunds after 11/15/19.

Cost: $400 early bird pricing by 10/31/19; $500 after 11/1/19

Times: 9am-4:30pm each day (1.5 hour break for lunch)

All courses eligible for CEUs with Yoga Alliance.