Why retreat?  A retreat will mean different things to different people.  For some it is a quiet time to reflect on their life and choices.  For others it is a spiritual journey to connect with something larger.  For others, it is simply a chance to get away.  Yoga retreats provide a time for you to leave your life behind to explore something new through daily yoga practice and meditation.  Not only do you leave behind family and your daily obligations, but we arrive into a beautiful place dedicated to yoga and healing.  We will be far from any city so take the time to enjoy it.

Beginning 2018, Liz will offer three retreat types per year- a more social / community building retreat, a summer adventure / travel retreat and a transformational retreat.  Retreats will be offered Spring, Summer and Fall.  Be sure to register early to reserve your space!

In order to get the most out of your retreat time, please note the following:

  • Plan on not using your phone.
  • Keep your computers at home and think about leaving your email behind for a few days. It will still be there when you return.
  • Refrain from using alcohol or other substances that take you out of the present moment.  Enjoy finding space for a healthy body, heart and mind.
  • Give your life a break.  You will be so grateful you did.  Some of our moms do Skype every few days to see their children and we completely understand this.
  • Allow time for self-care and rest.


Advance Your Asana with Liz

May 17-19, 2019 @ Prama Institute in Marshall, NC

You know its time… You’ve been practicing your flow practice for the last few years and you know how to breathe and move. But now your body may be craving a little bit more to keep you growing in your practice. Join Liz for a special weekend for those that want to work on the physical practice of yoga- asana.  
This will not be about refining basic alignment, but about deepening your understanding of your body in poses.  We will help you gauge when the time may be right to try something new and how to get there safely. Practices will include meditation, breath-initiated movement, flow practices as well as some longer held standing poses and steps to inversions (with or without a wall).  We will round these practices out with gentle releases and long held savasana. Please note these will be more vigorous/active practices that are not only to challenge you physically but to open the heart and clear the mind as well.
For teachers:  Use this weekend to learn how to differentiate instruction for those ready to move into more challenging variations within a breath-initiated flow class. 10 Contact CEUs for Yoga Alliance are available after attending this weekend.

Times:  Arrive Friday by 5pm, Depart Sunday 12pm

Cost: includes food, dorm-style lodging and yoga $365

Fall Yoga Retreat with Liz

September 20-22, 2019 @ Bend of Ivy Lodge in Marshall, NC

Fall retreats are dedicated to a more introspective intention.  Classes will be structured to help you tap into simply being- being still, being comfortable and content where you are; in order to see where it is you may wish to go and who you want to become.  This will be a transformational retreat with times dedicated for yoga, meditation and labyrinth walking.

Rooms are shared with two to a room.  If you have a roommate preference, please let me know.  Space is limited to 15.

Cost: $385 / shared room (2 to a room)