Shamata Meditation- Part 1

Shamata Meditation- Part 1

Shamata Meditation- Part 1

This is the first formal meditation practice I was taught in January by Sarah Powers.  It is the beginning piece of Insight Meditation (or Mindfulness).  I have practiced this every night since that training.

Shamata is used to help us train the mind to focus on one point to develop concentration.  The focal point here is the breath and the movement of the diaphragm into the belly.  There are three parts to Shamata practice- relaxation, stability, & vividness.  The recording below is just the beginning point of Shamata- relaxation.  It is 12 minutes long and I hope it helps you get started in your own home meditation practice.  I’ll post new recordings every few weeks adding to your Shamata (and eventually Vipassana) practices.

Shamata Meditation- relaxation

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Aaron Norris