Sacred Space

Sacred Space

Sometimes when we grow, we have to develop a new way of being, or at least a collective understanding of how to grow and keep our space feeling sacred.  Each of you has helped to create this amazing community of students and teachers who look out for one another, come early to talk about life and who truly enjoy being around each other.  This is exactly what I hoped for- a community center where everyone feels they belong. The studio is growing and we are getting more full classes which is truly a blessing. The caveat to this— it creates a very social atmosphere that sometimes takes away from the experience that other students are looking for.
Here are a few guidelines for students new to our studio or returning… some ways to keep our space one of connection and community as well as a quiet place to be.
  • If there is no class in session, please use the lobby space to talk freely with one another.
  • If a class is in session (usually they are in Shavasana when the lobby gets full), please use the bench and area near the entry door for conversation.  Feel free to talk with one another being respectful of your volume.
  • If there is a class in session, quiet should be observed in the area close to the practice room door.
  • In the practice room, feel free to acknowledge or speak quietly to your neighbor, but if conversation ensues (and volume is above a whisper) please leave your mat and props and continue the conversation in the lobby area. Return when the class starts.
  • After class leave the room in peace and have conversations in the lobby.
  • In the practice room upon arrival and departure be considerate of those who may be using the space for silence or meditation.

Being mindful of your surroundings and the energy of the people around you is one more way to practice living your Yoga (capital Y yoga, not just the poses).  Growth is a wonderful thing!  I consider us so very fortunate to have a growing community who truly cares for one another.  It is our hope that sharing this with each of you will only help us continue to be a model of a yoga school dedicated to growth, connection and belonging.

With gratitude & love,

Liz and the teachers of Greenville Yoga

p.s. Here’s a short and funny article on Minding Your Yoga Manners in case you were wondering what else you might need to know.


Elizabeth Delaney