Rise and Shine- Wake Up with Yoga

Rise and Shine- Wake Up with Yoga

Rise and Shine- Wake Up with Yoga

The sequence today is dedicated to waking up with yoga.  I began an early morning practice one year ago and it has been a gift to me and to those around me.  I am able to start the day calm and centered and each day I get to start anew.  The key to this for me is rolling right out of bed and getting on my mat.  Some days I do more than others, but the key is just getting on your mat and listening to your intuition.

All poses are meant to be done with deep, fluid ujjayi breath.  This breathing will settle your nervous system and allow your mind to stay quiet and present.

a.m. yoga:

  • child’s pose with wide knees
  • cat-dog tilts– from hands and knees, arch the spine like a cat, then drop navel down to the floor and look up; do this with the breath and take as many as feels good
  • downward dog with knees bent
  • 1/2 sun salutes-stand with feet hip distance apart, inhale arms overhead, bend knees and exhale forward fold, inhale half way up, exhale fold with knees still bent, look up, inhale to stand with flat back, do this 3-5 times
  • runner’s lunge with hands down (back knee up or down)
  • runner’s lunge with a twist (back knee up or down)- begin with right leg forward, place your left hand down on the arch side of the foot and inhale right hand to the sky; change sides
  • seated twist– any seated twist will feel good here, stay 5-10 breaths on each side
  • bridge– lay down with feet hip distance apart, tilt tailbone up and bring the spine off the floor, tuck shoulders underneath you and clasp your hands, breathe here as long as is comfortable; take this pose 2-3 times to really wake up
  • reclined knee to chest then twist across the body- begin with right knee to right shoulder, stay here 3-5 breaths while pressing through both heels, then twist the knee across your body, change sides when you are ready
  • seated meditation– set an intention for your day and spend time breathing life into this intention

    salute to the sun


Elizabeth Delaney