Reality and Yoga

Reality and Yoga

Reality and Yoga

One of our friends and yoga students sent me an email saying she loved our blogs but… she went on to share how she had planned so much with her children so they would have a great day together.  Everything seemed to go amiss and whining and arguing abounded.  My favorite part of her story was that she went downstairs, took a huge ujjayi breath and screamed at the top of her lungs.  After that, she enjoyed a few moments of silence before returning upstairs.

I love this story for its honesty.  I love this story because she was practicing Yoga.  She did not hurt her children with sarcasm, fists, or hateful words.  She simply left and released the energy she had held in all day.  I understand this as a mother of two small children myself.

Yoga can be harder to practice when we have children, but it is even more important.  My friend may not have realized that she was practicing Yoga that day, but she was.  Those of us with children have all been there- kids whining, fighting, bickering, craving more of you until you have nothing left.  So how does Yoga look on those days?

I think it takes many forms:

  • appreciating the small moments of sweetness that appear
  • being grateful for having healthy children
  • making the choice to not abuse our children
  • setting an example of how to stay in control when you think you are going to lose it
  • speaking calmly when you really want to yell and be sarcastic right back
  • knowing tomorrow will be better

Yoga is about leading us into reality and the present.  Leaving a situation, crying by yourself, returning to show loving kindness again and again- that is Yoga.


Elizabeth Delaney