Random Acts of Yoga

Random Acts of Yoga

Random Acts of Yoga

Practicing yoga for two hours everyday  would benefit everyone but we allow our lives to be over run with our jobs, children, marriage, social gathering, swim team, church and all of the other things we prioritize into our day.  Who has time for yoga?  Yoga is much more than postures to stretch and strengthen the body.  I do enjoy this aspect of yoga very much, but elongating my hamstrings has not helped me resolve any issues with my wife or create a bond with the kids.  Practicing the postures is a excellent way to learn to let go of what we don’t need.

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I take my two year old grocery shopping with me 2-3 times a week.  Noticing how some parents try to control their kids at the store I vowed not to do that.  Neither the kids or Moms were happy.  My girl decides if she walks or rides in the cart.  Mostly she walksruns.  I give her free reign of the place.  She stays close and we play the “What’s this Daddy?” game.  I see the faces of the employees light up when Claire comes running into their department.  So far no bites out of produce, no broken eggs, no tantrums over cookie purchases or opened pop tarts.  Every morning Claire tells me she wants to go to the grocery store.  When we get into the car she tells me “Daddy, I want rock & roll.”  We rock out and have a blast.

I’ve been practicing yoga postures for 13 years and no matter how deep or intense I’ve ever gone I never get the blissful feelings I get shopping and bonding with Claire.  This is living your yoga.

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