Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Maureen's gift

Maureen’s gift

Last week we hosted our 7th anniversary party at Greenville Yoga.  We decided it was time to truly celebrate this community- not just the teachers, but the students and their dedication to living their yoga.  Through the night we had over 100 visitors of all ages and it was fun!  But one of the real gifts of the evening was being able to present Maureen Nery of UU World of Children a donation check for $3600 worth of donations from our students.  Every Sunday we offer a Karma Yoga class (Karma= service) where donations go to a local charity.  This was a year’s worth of offerings that we saved up for a small montessori preschool dedicated to diversity and learning.  This was awesome…

However, I think the true highlights of our celebration came out later.  Yesterday we came home to this email:

Just thought I would let you know that twice since your anniversary party two completely different students came to class put a $20 on the desk and said treat the next student to their yoga class – don’t tell them who treated them.

And this was received in the mail:

I want to thank you for teaching me yoga and leading me in your teacher training.  Please pass this anonymous gift to someone who needs yoga. (Enclosed was a check for $500.)


Kindness Is Sometimes Found in the Offering of a Smile

Kindness Is Sometimes Found in the Offering of a Smile

These random acts of kindness renew your faith in people- especially at a time where politics and opinions are running rampant.  What we really need to focus on is one another.  How can we make someone’s day (including our own) a little brighter?  How can we best serve our community?  In what way can I shine a light when someone else’s light is getting dim?  Money and paying for things is not always an option.  So I want to hear from you…


What are some creative ways we can “pay it forward” today?  


I may just have to head to Coffee Underground and pay for the next person in line.  Or maybe I’ll go do lunch duty for my son’s teacher so she can have lunch in peace?  What can you do this weekend as a random act of kindness?


Aaron Norris