Public Apology

Public Apology

Public Apology

I had an interesting thing happen a few weeks ago.  The tale I am about to tell is a bit embarrassing so I figure I’d better apologize publicly… Here goes:

After an event at our new studio, I had a woman ask me about taking yoga classes.  She normally takes Hot Yoga.  I told her we don’t heat the room, but she would still get warm due to the breathing we practice.  Her response was, “Well as long as I get a good workout.” (Here comes my embarrassing response.)  I said, “Hmm… This probably isn’t the place for you. The yoga we teach isn’t about working out, it is about becoming nicer and kinder people.”

Hindsight is 20/20.  Here is what I should have said, “You know we all come to yoga for different reasons.  My husband started yoga in order to impress a girl he liked.  I went to lose weight.  Everyone comes for their own reasons.  Why don’t you come and try class and see what you think?  You may find you get more than you bargained for.   Just know that our classes are different and it may not resonate with you and your intentions.  All you can do is try it.”

A bit nicer don’t you think?  I forgot we all started on this path for different reasons.  We sometimes stumble blindly into yoga class to get a workout and we get more than we bargained for.  Who am I to judge why someone is coming to class?  My job is to teach and what you get out of it is up to you.

With sincere apologies to the person I may have offended,


p.s. Thanks to my kind, yet honest friends who helped me figure this out.  They were compassionate and understanding, yet let me know I may not have been in the right. Thank you for being my friends.


Elizabeth Delaney