Permission to Practice

Permission to Practice

Permission to Practice

Wonderful post from David Allwright (student and friend)–

You now have a window of time open to spend doing yoga. All the morning chores are done and the house is finally quiet. You roll out your mat and are just about to start your routine when your mind jumps to all the other things you could/should be doing. Didn’t you need to schedule that appointment or finish taking care of that task? It doesn’t matter if everything possible has been taken care because we can very easily create a new demand. We are real good at doing this.

I recently found myself in this situation at work. Outlook was free, there were no immediate to-do’s coming up but still it was hard to give myself permission to practice. Part of this was probably some sort of weird guilt. How could I possibly take 30 to 45 minutes in the day to look after myself? Who did I think I was?

So now when I practice at work or at home I set the intention to release my concerns about what I think I should be doing and give myself total permission to enjoy my yoga practice.




Elizabeth Delaney