There is one tool that can bring your yoga practice into each moment of your life.  It is really simple…one task at a time.

My husband and I realized how many times we were half paying attention to eachother and our children. He would empty the dishwasher while Henry was in the bath. I would check email while we had our nightly conversation. We would try and have a conversation with just the two of us at the dinner table with Henry and Claire. Henry would rebel and interrupt constantly. Then, it hit me… Why are we always multi-tasking? Why not focus on the matter, or person, at hand?

You may think you can’t get anything done without multi-tasking, but I will tell you having a happy home, you get a lot more done! I am not saying we never multi-task around here- that would be impossible. All we did was commit to being with eachother and our children. When we sit down to eat, we carry on a conversation that includes everyone. When Henry is in the tub, drawing or building with legos, one of us is in there playing with him. When Claire is sitting with her books or playing on the floor, one of us is right there on the floor too.

We dedicated this as a practice at home several years ago.  After two weeks of committing to one task at a time, my husband said to me, “You know I am a lot happier.” I was able to look him in the eye and honestly say, “Me too.”

90% of stress is self-induced… At least now we have taken away the stress of feeling like we always have to ‘get something done’. We have shifted our minds to see that spending time together is far more important than completing a task. I invite you to try this and see what results come about for you. For me… I no longer check email 10 times per day. Now 3 times and only when the kids are napping and I am not engaged in a conversation. One task at a time. Commit to being here…


Elizabeth Delaney