Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection

The only way to cultivate peace is to be peaceful.  There can be no solutions found when people are angry or hateful.  We are all affected when events impact our environment.  Even at North Main Yoga, we have a student who is going to be in Alabama for a long time helping in the clean up effort while him family stays here.  Our thoughts are with him and his family over the next few months and we thank him for his service.  What else can we do to help in a peaceful, non-reactive way?  Read below to find a note from a friend and yoga student:

Yesterday’s Greenville News had an article by Jeanne Brooks about the local Hands Across the Sand event at 4:00 on Saturday (today) June 26 in Falls Park downtown Greenville, SC.  The event is part of a worldwide event.

The idea is for people to meet at designated spots, like in parks and on beaches, everyone on the same day, and join hands for 15 minutes to show united support for clean energy and united opposition to offshore drilling.

For more information Pass the word!

Even if you cannot actually attend at the physical event location, just being silent for 15 minutes at 4:00 wherever you are… can do a world of good.

Peace to you and all those around you.


Elizabeth Delaney