Mind Training

Mind Training

Mind Training

My friend Mickey posted a blog several weeks ago on the importance of training the mind.  I have found myself thinking about it over and over.  Last week, the threads from her post were woven into my classes as well.  The question raised is this:  We spend so much time training the body, but why do we ignore the most important thing, training the mind?

Mindfulness is just that- training the mind.  If you knew you could make your life easier by training the mind, why wouldn’t you?  Our children have this capacity it is only as we age we think things are “just the way they are.”  This weekend, Henry was having trouble seeing the good in his 6 year old mind- everything was horrible.  I told him to go lay down and we could start over in a few minutes.  I asked him to just go take a rest.  Twenty minutes later a smiling boy came upstairs and said, “I chose the good side of the force.  Not the dark side.”  Whether it is Star Wars that helps you train your mind, yoga or meditation, it all changes the shape of our actions and our influence on those around us.  So I ask you, why not?

Below are a few tools to help you get started in your own mind training practices:

  • Read Mickey’s blog here:   The Importance of Training the Mind (click the title to read).
  • This author is one of our favorites, Dr. Dan Siegel.  He explains how to train the mind in his book “Mindsight”.  This gives an introduction to his work.  The last two minutes explain it the best.



Elizabeth Delaney