Merge- Poem from a Greenville Yogi

Merge- Poem from a Greenville Yogi

This week is Trans-Visibility Week. One of our brave students wanted to share a poem he wrote with you.  He said he wrote this to show the difficulty of what it feels like to feel apart from another part of yourself and the distance it puts between yourself and your loved ones.  I am so grateful he chose to share this with us as this means he truly does Belong Here.

Thank you sweet one for sharing with our community.  I am honored to know you as you travel this path.



I recoil at your touch

and lie and say I love too much.

That’s what’s wrong with types like us

who postulate, complain and fuss

that there’s no sense of unity

in what I feel or who I see.

We are what we pretend to be.

We are what we pretend to be.


The figure over which I hover,

in reflection, or under cover,

never feels at home despite

the warmth provided by another.

That ghost hangs heavy on my shoulders

And reminds me of the times I told her:


What you see and what I see

will not converge:  This isn’t me.

My mind and flesh have failed to merge,

And both of us are lost at sea.


Elizabeth Delaney