Love, Actually

Love, Actually

In the last few newsletters, I have shared some of the growth experiences I have had through the last 2-1/2 years’ events.  Through some of the dark spots, I had huge epiphanies.  One was an epiphany for me, but is most likely something you have known all along.  Figured I would share here just in case you needed a friendly reminder…


In our society there is a huge value placed on romantic love.  Many people place their self-esteem and worthiness on this.  Even though I lived in California and had a different life and thought I had different expectations for myself, in the background was still this notion of go to college, get a job, get married, have kids.  I did that, in that order after taking several years away from school.  Many of my students in their 20s speak to me of hoping to find “the one” now that they are done with school and ready to settle down.  However, what if we’ve had it wrong?  Not wrong, per se, but out of balance?

One of the things I noticed in diving into the darkness is that I am actually surrounded by love.  Love in all of its forms.  I have the love of my children, my parents, my sister, my students, my closest friends, self-love.  I found so much love and support that I never paid attention to because I was so focused on the romantic end of things.  When we open ourselves up to see truly how much love surrounds us it can be overwhelming.  You can feel entirely full and brimming to capacity each day.

So, today take time to really look and see all the love and support you have around you in all its many shapes, sizes and colors.  You may have been overlooking the fact that everything you need is right here and has been all along.


Elizabeth Delaney