Three years ago we revamped our newsletter so I could share my story with each of you.  Each time I learned something new, this was my place to process and share the small steps, victories and defeats.  This newsletter gave me a place to find my voice outside of the yoga room.  In class I don’t often share my personal stories as I feel that is your place to find quiet, to connect the dots, to discover whatever is meant to be found.  The newsletter has been my place to offer insights (however large or small) to each of you.

As the newsletter evolves, my story will now be shared here.  If you wish to continue to follow this perfectly-imperfect journey, you can follow the conversations that started many years ago.  I have decided to breathe new life into the blog and have dedicated to start writing once again.  The new blog is titled Limitless: A Touchstone for Inspired Living. May this be a place for community conversations, musings, collaboration and inspiration on the highest level.



Some of you have followed my classes and writing for years.  You have seen me become a mother a second time over. You have seen my trajectory as I left my world as a school teacher to open our second location at Augusta Road.   You have been a witness to loss of friendships and reconciliation of family through forgiveness.  Each part of my life opening the door to something new.  This last year gave me perhaps the biggest insight of all.

For a while my husband and I had been unhappy.  We tried so many things to stay together.  What kept us together the last bit of time was fear.  I was afraid of what everyone would think.  After all, we had become known as a unit “Liz and Brian.”  My identity was wrapped up in my marriage and my business.  Finally, it became apparent that we just weren’t a good fit.  We had to trust that this was the next step for both of us. As scary as it was, with the help of a good counselor, we started the process of separating our marriage.  I was terrified of what the community would think of me, of us… How would this effect our business? our teaching? our children?  My teachers have all taught me to look fear in the eye, welcome it in and then do what needs to be done.  I am forever grateful for their wisdom.  I had to trust them and leap.

So came my second leap of faith in this world.  The thing I was most afraid to do ended up being such a gift to Brian, to me, to our family.  I let go… A year later, my life is almost unrecognizable.  My home is peaceful.  My kids are happy.  I have more energy than I realized was possible.  My teaching feels inspired every day.  I have been able to remember my passion for traveling and have made it a priority in my life once again.  I have moments, glimpses of feeling limitless, expanded and whole.  I realized when I look fear in the eye and can continue forward, the possibilities are limitless.

My life is not all sunshine and roses.  There are tears.  There are struggles.  There are happy days and sad days and angry days.  There are practices of patience, of kindness, of forgiveness to carry me through.  Behind it all, however, is the deep seed of knowing.  I can meet it all.  It is all as it should be.  The power is in the waking up each moment and meeting it just as it is.  Full.  Whole.  Limitless.

With love and gratitude,




Journey to Costa Rica 2012


p.s. This month begins a new journey and new life for our blog.  I would love for this to be a touchstone for our community.  Each week we will offer writings by me, our community members, and published authors to inspire you as you discover a life of fullness… a life where the sky is the limit.

Also, please share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section.  If you have a piece to share for publication, you can email it to me- I would be honored to share your story as well.


Elizabeth Delaney