Life Changes

Life Changes

Life Changes

katherine and her son

Last month in one of Liz’s Sunday Karma classes, she guided us in a powerful and heart-centered meditation.  She asked us to think of a specific moment when we knew our lives would be different, a moment when we knew our lives had changed for the better.  She asked us to feel those feelings again and stay with the emotions as we dropped the storyline from our minds.  This was the second time I’d been led through this practice with Liz.  The first time, about a year ago, tears fell down my cheeks as I relived the birth of my oldest son – I was flooded with many deep emotions: the joy of meeting my first child, the relief that he was healthy and safe and the excited anticipation that accompanies parenthood.  Undoubtedly, becoming a mother changed my life for the better.

In this particular practice, however, one year later, the first thing that came to mind was the decision to join the North Main Yoga Teacher Training program; that is, the decision to fully commit myself to an authentic yoga practice.  Doing so meant that I was committing to travel on that not-at-all-easy path of self-examination.  Doing so meant that I was committing to actively uncover and heal what was covering my heart.  Doing so meant that I was committing to do my best to live by a well-defined ethical code.  Doing so meant that I was committing to follow my inner calling to help people in the way that I’d been helped.  As all of this flashed in my mind during the meditation, I was even more overwhelmed by emotion than the first time.  Why, one might ask, would a decision such as this rise above first time parenthood in life-changing importance?  Because looking back, I realized that was the exact moment when I chose to become a better person, a better mother.

When did your life change for the better?  Did “Life” change you or did you change your life?  Or both?

from Katherine one of our friends and teachers


Elizabeth Delaney