Let the Challenge Begin!

Let the Challenge Begin!

Let the Challenge Begin!

Today marks the start of our second annual summer challenge.  The inspiration for this challenge came from a friend Timothy Burgin.  He hosted a 40-day Mala Meditation Challenge a few months ago and it was so much fun to do.  We realize that many of you are traveling, home with kids, or just need extra incentive to get on your mat each day.  So here it is…

momandbabyBrian and I have been practicing yoga over 13 years.  We noticed the most changes occurred when we practiced daily.  We didn’t necessarily get into the studio to take a class daily, but we made getting on our mats a priority each day.  This habit has stuck with us and has grown even deeper over the years.  What started as “I really should get into the yoga room,” has become “No, I can’t do that.  I have to have my morning practice first.”  Yoga shifted from ‘one more thing’ to the thing that makes us both feel whole and centered.

If you don’t live in the area or cannot attend today’s workshop (How to Begin a Home Practice), here are some ways you can take part in the challenge:

  • email me and let me know you are taking the challenge (I will need your shirt size)
  • come by the studio and get an intention sheet; these will be posted in the studios for everyone to cheer you on (if you live far away, email me and I will send you one via snail mail or email)
  • print your 60-day practice log here; use each blank to mark when you practice that day https://greenvilleyoga.com/StudentLog.pdf
  • connect with the Greenville Yoga Facebook page; we will have weekly questions, contests, inspiration and more posted here
  • check out our you tube page; we are posting new videos every week that are 7-10 minutes in length (just right for a quick practice or string them together for a longer practice time at home)
  • find a practice partner and hold each other accountable; text, email, call each other and see how your practice is evolving and what you can do to help (Trading kids every few days would be amazing!)
  • get on your mat and breathe
  • at the end on September 7th come celebrate with us


Here are a few things that helped Brian and I get on the mat each day.  Holly (one of our former trainees) gave us the first idea and it changed our lives.  Thank you Holly!

  • put your mat out so you see it each day; find a dedicated spot so you have to see your mat- this visual reminder will help you find the time to make your practice a priority
  • when you get on your mat, chose one pose (a gentle, yin type pose is best); close your eyes and breathe here for a few moments up to a few minutes
  • if you have more time, move into some breath-initiated movement and warm up body and breath
  • see what evolves
  • when you are finished take a few moments of silence and stillness just for you


Make yourself and your practice a priority.  You will not regret it!  Just know that a practice is anything you need that day.  Get on the mat at home, at work, in a hotel or in your local studio.  Take care of yourself and find that balance between effort and ease each day.  We look forward to seeing you soon!




Elizabeth Delaney