It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

Max Strom

One of the things I have realized over years practicing yoga is that it often takes a village for healing to occur.  It is not just yoga working its magic and the whole world is shiny… it is dedication, time and a lot of help along the way.  Yoga can sometimes break you wide open and you aren’t sure how to deal with what comes up.  Yoga can open us up to this raw sensation and it is easy to want to retreat or diverge from this path.  It is then that you realize you may need some support.  You may need a village.

Here is a great article one of our students sent describing some of the breakdowns / breakthroughs that can occur with a dedicated practice:’t-tell-you-before-you-sign-up-for-yoga-teacher-training/

To help you along your way I thought I might share my village view with you:  I began practicing yoga with Max in 1999.  This started me on a wonderful path filled with highs and lows.  At an extreme low in 2004, I discovered acupuncture and healing on an energetic / Chinese Medicine level.  Then things were good and I kept up with both the yoga and acupuncture.  At another low (which led to a breakthrough) I discovered a gifted therapist who used meditation, body awareness and mindfulness as part of her practice.  I still see her from time to time when I need help unpacking something new that has come up.  As of late, I discovered a teacher who combines Buddhist psychology, yoga and meditation as a form of healing.  I meet up with her two times per year to fuel my practice and keep me inspired.

A Village of Friends

So each day I get on my mat with the support of many teachers, healers, not to mention friends and family.  These supports are just like props in the yoga room.  We may need them for a long time to heal our injured areas or just as a safety net.  We may not need them long at all, but we have comfort knowing they are there.  I invite you to take stock and see who is your village of support and what other supports might you need along the way.  We all need care and guidance from time to time.  Care from our village can be just what we need to get to the light on the other side of the darkness.


Elizabeth Delaney