It Is Easy Being Green

It Is Easy Being Green

It Is Easy Being Green

We were recently interviewed for an article on “eco-friendly exercise”.  Brian and I enjoyed that since we felt all exercise is really eco-friendly.  When we really sat down and thought about yoga impacting the environment, here is what we came up with…  Once you practice yoga, you realize how we are all connected in some way.  You realize that what we do impacts everyone and everything around us.  Knowing this, we discover that we not only impact people, but the places we live.  With a dedicated practice, yoga practitioners (hopefully) begin to see this and start making positive changes.  These changes start with our behavior and then the changes ripple out into other parts of our lives.  Pretty soon, we realize our impact on the environment and we start making changes in our habits.

One of our students and teachers, Jessica Kessinger, helped us come up with a list of easy and cost-effective ways to be green.  Read below to find out more:

Living Green on a Budget
Here are some simple ways to live more sustainably – for the planet and for your pocket!
1. Save on Electricity and Electronics: Install power strips for your appliances so that you can turn off your appliances when they are not in use; change your standard light bulbs to CFL or LED bulbs to save power; air dry your clothes and dishes; and turn off those lights!
2. Be a Water Miser: Install low-flow water shower heads; drink tap or filtered water instead of bottled water; get a rain barrel (from Upstate Forever!) to catch rainwater for your garden or to wash your car!
3. Be a Green and Savvy Beauty: According to recent studies, 3/4 of a pound of fertilizers and pesticides are used to produce just one pair of jeans – save the planet and your wallet by reusing and/or checking out what’s available at second hand stores; color your hair yourself using natural, non-toxic products and save the gas you would use driving to the salon at the same time!
4. Do It Yourself: Make your own cards and gift wrap from recycled paper – use paper or fabric scraps to decorate or wrap; learn to make your own clothes; make your own green, non-toxic cleaning products for just pennies; make your own compost and save on fertilizer!
5. Commute the Green Way: Save money by carpooling; walk or bicycle to local stores and for errands.

planting tomatoes

6. Eat Wisely: Grow your own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs – save money on organic produce, on gas to the supermarket, and reduce your ecological footprint at the same time; eat at home to save money and to eat healthier!

7. Go Digital: Reduce the cost of paper use and read magazines and newspapers online; send invitations through email; use digital greeting cards; join a library instead of buying books.

8. Don’t Buy, Trade: You can swap CDs, DVDs, books, games, and even your clothes! Check out Craig’s List and Freecycle in your area for lots of opportunities!
9. Get Paid to Recycle: Turn in used ink cartidges and even old electronics for cash and/or coupons and savings; sell old clothes or other items to consignment shops.

Do you have a favorite idea that is not listed here?  We would love to know what you do so we can share with our community.


Elizabeth Delaney