Intention in Action

Intention in Action

Intention in Action

This was posted on our teacher training page by one of our students and friends.  It was too good not to share.  Thank you Sabrina!

Here is an idea for a daily meditation practice that comes to me from a dear friend in North Carolina. I think Pema Chodron discusses something similar in her book Start Where You Are:

My friend and her husband sit together every morning for five minutes on their meditation cushions and think about the way they want to be in the day ahead. Basically, they set their intention for the day by focusing on one positive aspect of themselves that they would like to cultivate.

At the end of the day, they return to their cushions and meditate again for five minutes on one thing that they did well during the day, an act of kindness or an act of mental discipline that they are proud of having done. Then they meditate on one thing that they did not do so well that day, one thing that could have been approached differently. They think about how they would like to act in the future versus the way they did it that day, and they send out a prayer on the breath to be more mindful of that particular thing the next time it arises.

These things can be very small and simple. What matters according to Anne is the cumulative effect of doing this practice daily over a length of time. She says every day she is motivated to “have something good” for her cushion that night, meaning that she goes about her day looking for people to be helped or even just an insect to be rescued! She also says that it is powerful to do this as a couple. Each person is meditating privately, but your joint practice holds you accountable to it and to the other person.

Similar to the gratitude journal, this is a very simple exercise that can help to reframe your state of mind in profound ways.



Elizabeth Delaney