Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

Insight Meditation

We aren’t going for a mystical experience.  We are going for reality.  ~Sarah Powers

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my evening meditation called Shamata Meditation.  Today, I want to share with you my morning meditation practice called Insight, or Vipasana, Meditation.   Insight means seeing free from one’s prejudices and preferences.  You still have them, but you don’t allow them to block what arises.  The purpose of Vipasana Meditation is to find freedom from our conditioned ways of being to discover our authentic nature.  Each morning, I sit for twelve minutes just watching what arises.  Here is how to begin:

  • find a comfortable seat
  • notice your breath- don’t change it, just watch the inhale and the exhale
  • notice what arises– feelings are met just as they are; they are not judged and not neglected (this includes bodily sensations like pain in the knees, emotional experiences, and even noise or distraction from outside)
  • watch the feelings that arise and notice where they are in the body
  • don’t abandon the feeling and don’t cover it up or act out (don’t get lost in your story line or start drowning in your sorrows, this is about noticing and nothing more)
  • what ever arises think of these three words:  notice, pause, soften
  • when you lose touch with what you are thinking or feeling, bring your awareness back
  • sit until your timer rings (start with six minutes and increase with intervals of six up to twenty-four minutes)

This meditation is a great way to begin the day.  It reminds me that whatever arises in the day “this too I can include.”  I find it sets the intention for my day nicely.  I hope it inspires you to sit (for even just a minute) and notice anything that arises.



Elizabeth Delaney