How Is Your Personal Practice?

How Is Your Personal Practice?

How Is Your Personal Practice?

It is great to attend class and be led by the talented team of teachers at our school. It is also great to find your own internal yoga voice and move towards developing a personal yoga practice. Your personal practice doesn’t have to be a large undertaking. Start off by taking baby steps. Even a yoga practice of 10 to 15 minutes each day can be beneficial.

Liz & Brian's practice space

I started by first defining a yoga practice space. This doesn’t have to be huge area. All you need is a place for your mat and enough room to spread your arms. Having a wall to practice against is also a bonus. If your practice includes props you will probably find material around the house that can be used. Eventually I splashed out and bought a strap and blocks. For blankets you can usually find great deals at truck stops like Flying J or Travel America.  (We use Bheka to buy our blankets online as well.)

In the beginning I would not be too worried about the postures you choose to practice each day. You may even start by just lying down on your mat each day without doing anything else. In time your body will guide you to one pose, then another and before you know it you will be putting a small sequence together. When you find a routine that works for you take the time to write it down. It is also beneficial to write down how you feel before, during and after each practice. Did your practice help to clear your head, make your feel energized or calm you down?

Let us know how your own personal yoga practice is going and if you have any questions on how to get started.

Celebrate yourself,


(a student & friend at North Main Yoga and Lighten Up! Yoga in Asheville)


Elizabeth Delaney