Greenville Yoga~ Our New School

Greenville Yoga~ Our New School

Greenville Yoga~ Our New School

greenville yoga @ augusta road

We are taking a departure from our “normal” blog posts to officially share news of our new yoga school.  When we opened North Main Yoga in 2005 we had to create a student base and get the word out that we opened.  This was not easy and certainly tested our ability to be patient.  Many nights I would come home and tell Liz, “I didn’t have any students tonight.” In the last five years, we have grown the schedule to 30 yoga classes per week with eight teachers leading those classes and an average of 12 people per class.  It has been amazing for us to watch our student base grow and we are forever humbled when we have people show up on a regular basis.  Our students’ dedication has been quite overwhelming and we are grateful for the friendships we have created.  Due to this, we have decided to open a new school on the other side of town called Greenville Yoga.

When the idea for a new school started, we took the time to think about what makes North Main Yoga a special place that is different from many other yoga studios we have been to around the country.  The answer is our students and the community feeling you get when you are at North Main Yoga.  Since we opened our doors, you have donated around $20,000 to local charities and truck loads of food to local food pantries.

We believe the heart of North Main Yoga is the community of ethical, kind people who want to transform their lives through breathing, yoga, and meditation.  The reason we are able to open another center is your dedication to the practice of yoga.  We see your commitment and life changes and we want to share this by serving more of Greenville.  Over the past year, we have been called to spend more of our time teaching yoga.  Due to this, Liz has left her full-time teaching career to focus on teaching yoga and running our new school with me.

Greenville Yoga will be just like North Main Yoga in philosophy and atmosphere.  Our goal is to use our same business model on the Augusta Road side of town – low overhead, good teachers, and classes that are accessible to everyone both physically and financially.  With this in mind, we hope to create Greenville’s first Community Supported Business.

You will have the option to prepay for classes and monthly unlimited passes for use at both studios.  Our schedule at North Main will only change slightly to accommodate the Augusta Road schedule, but I think you will find classes at both locations you will love.  Right now our teachers at the new studio will include me, Liz, Kelly, Craig, Jennifer, and Caroline.  Some of our teacher trainees will be included in our new schedule teaching Community Yoga, Meditation and Vinyasa Flow.  Our new schedules will be posted soon.  In the meantime, check out our new website and our Facebook page for pictures.

We hope to be open mid-September to early October and we hope to see you there!

Greenville Yoga @ North Main- 10 W. Stone Ave

Greenville Yoga @ Augusta Road- 2021 Augusta Street (in the old Gregory’s Formal Wear)

Namaste ~Brian