From Sleeping to Wakefulness

From Sleeping to Wakefulness

From Sleeping to Wakefulness

“Now it’s time to change your consciousness.  It’s time to stop sleepwalking and to change your life into exactly the life you want it to be.  It’s time to heal.  Start with breathing.  Everything starts with breathing.”  ~Dr.  Khalsa Dharma Singh

If you have taken a vinyasa flow class at Greenville Yoga, you know the importance we place on conscious breathing.  You also know how it makes you feel at the end of class.  They are finally doing studies to show how powerful breathing is on the nervous system and the various systems of the body- both physical body and the ethereal (energetic) body.  The book Meditation as Medicine by Cameron Stauth, Khalsa Dharma Singh, MD, & Joan Borysenko has some wonderful information to share with those of you who practice breathing, yoga and meditation.  The book is geared toward Medical Meditation which is based on Kundalini Yoga, however, the type of breathing practices we use in our vinyasa flow classes elicit much of the same responses due to the focus on breath and movement creating a moving meditation.

Here are some wonderful pieces of information paraphrased from this book:

  • …one-third of all people don’t breathe well enough to sustain normal health.  These people don’t get enough oxygen, don’t eliminate enough carbon dioxide…
  • … if the cells of the body and brain are receiving an abundant supply of oxygen, this oxygen confers feelings of energy and optimal mood
  • Dr. Andrew Weil found that breathing exercises enabled many of his patients to recover from conditions such as irregular heartbeat, atrial fibrillation, high blood pressure, and panic attacks.
  • The main problem most people have is that their breath is too shallow.  The primary reason for this is physical tension, caused by stress… The second most common reason for shallow breathing is bad posture.  Many people slump so badly that it restricts their breathing.

What are you waiting for?  Each time you sit down, take three conscious breaths and wake up.


Elizabeth Delaney