What Is the Forgiveness Project?

What Is the Forgiveness Project?

What Is the Forgiveness Project?

the F Word: Images of Forgiveness

The Forgiveness Project is an international project dedicated to teaching that there are alternatives to revenge, hatred and retaliation.  This is a non-profit that started in Europe and now has a US branch.  “The F Word: Images of Forgiveness” is a traveling art installation that shares stories of forgiveness from around the world.  For the first two weeks of September, we are hosting eighteen stories of forgiveness told through pictures and words.  Each panel tells a story of forgiveness.  Our US stories are centered around 9/11, Oklahoma City bombings and gang violence in Los Angeles.  We also have stories from the IRA, Africa, and Canada.  The stories take time to read and are quite powerful.

When I first started reading the panels I got overwhelmed– bogged down by the grief.  But then I began to see the light that came from each person’s struggle.  I started to see the capacity of the human heart and how much we can truly hold.  When I read the stories now I am inspired.  I see the ability we have to choose whether the struggle takes us down or raises us up.  These stories are a gift.

We invite you to view these images and stories before or after class.  We also have gallery hours and a quiet, open studio:

  • Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 12-4pm
  • Tuesday and Thursday 1-4pm
  • Friday night 7-9pm
  • Saturday 4-7pm
  • Sunday 10:30-2pm

Wednesday (9/11) will be a day of remembrance and forgiveness.  All classes will be donation-based and centered around healing.  We will follow our regular schedule.

Thursday (9/12), we have a special course “Write Your Way to Forgiveness” with Heather Marshall.  Using creative writing techniques, participants will explore moments of their past that have caused unresolved hurt or shame, will write what acknowledgement, apology or reparation they might want, and envision what their lives might be like if they could relinquish resentment, indignation and anger. 

Sunday (9/15), we will host a guest speaker Therese Bartholomew.  She will be sharing her story of forgiveness and her documentary “The Final Gift.” This is the story of meeting her brother’s killer in order to make meaning of his death.  Following the film we will have time for discussion and questions.  

Next Sunday (9/22), we will have a class “Yoga, Breathing & Forgiveness.”  This class will address the topic of forgiveness:  what it means, what it doesn’t mean, and how to forgive yourself.  There will be a lecture and discussion to begin, followed by breath-initiated movement and meditation.  This class will help you view forgiveness in a new way to help heal the body, mind and heart.


Elizabeth Delaney