Fixing the Cracks with Gold

Fixing the Cracks with Gold

Kintsugi is a Japanese Art that fixes old pottery by filling in the cracks with gold.  I had heard of this some time ago, but didn’t pay much attention.  Then a few weeks ago I had a moment that just stayed with me.  I often close class with a blessing for the students.  This night it was “May our practice serve to heal not only our physical bodies, but our hearts and minds as well.” It had been a sweet practice with people of all ages- from ten up to seventy.  Everyone had breathed so well that I even got a little choked up teaching this night.  After class I was sitting talking with a student / friend and Shelly walked up to me and shared the story of Kintsugi.  She said it occurred to her that we all have broken hearts and maybe we can fill those cracks with gold and the gold we can use is love, especially self-love.

This may sound so simple to each of you.  However, it was right time and right place and her message hit home so very clearly.  When she said the words I felt my heart immediately begin to heal.  The last few weeks I had been struggling with some pieces of forgiveness and vulnerability.  As I went home that night I kept mulling over Kintsugi and this art of filling in the broken spaces to make them whole and beautiful again.  They may never be what they once were, but can become even more full of beauty through the process of healing.  The forgiveness slowly settled in.  I felt lighter and more at ease than I had in a long time.  So much so that people around me began to notice and comment that I seemed in a good place.

Let us all take a lesson from the Japanese here.  May we not try and conceal our brokenness, but may we remember our greatest treasures may come from those cracks as long as we can forgive and love ourselves through the process.  And a huge thank you to Shelly.  She is a new student to Greenville Yoga and her words helped heal my heart in so many ways.  May each of you know the impact you have on all of those around you.  You just never know when you may touch someone’s life and change it for the better.


Elizabeth Delaney