Family Yoga

Family Yoga

Family Yoga

mom & baby yoga

In our house, we started doing yoga with our kids a few nights a week.  We found that is actually provided one more ritual to get our kids ready to sleep.  Now our kids ask for yoga time and even Henry asked if Max (our teacher) would come do yoga with him and teach him some “hard stuff.”  Our children are three and six, but it is never to early to start.

If you aren’t sure how to begin family yoga time, here is what we have done:

  • create a quiet space and place several yoga mats out
  • we got our kids some yoga kids’ mats that have pictures of bugs in yoga poses- they copy the poses themselves
  • get a few kids’ yoga books– “My Daddy Is a Pretzel”, “Peaceful Piggy Yoga” and “Babar’s Yoga for Elephants”
  • some nights, we read the books and do the poses one each page
  • other nights, we each take turns leading a pose and we go around the room twice then rest in savasana
  • we always end with legs up the wall and we tell the kids that it will help them have good dreams

Practicing yoga as a family has helped us spend a few more minutes together really enjoying our time.  It helps us get in to bed feeling calmer and more connected.  It even has caused our son to say to us, “I think you’d better go do yoga.”  We aren’t perfect and we don’t expect our children to be, but we do hope to gain just a few more mindful moments as a family where we are content just being together.


Elizabeth Delaney