Connecting with Your Inner Self

Connecting with Your Inner Self

Connecting with Your Inner Self

The following post is from one of our students and friends, David.  He has wonderful insight and we are so glad he has chosen to share his writings with us…

In April of last year I attended a yoga workshop led by Aadil Palkhivala. During this workshop, Aadil took time to explain the important role yoga plays in helping us to reconnect with our inner self. The following story is from my notes.

Train Story

Two cars are traveling down the road. The car in front is a convertible. They both get stopped at a railroad crossing and one of those endless trains goes by. To help pass the time the driver of the rear car gets out to chat with the person in the convertible. The train is so noisy that they can’t hear each other speak. The communication between the two drivers becomes a series of hand gestures and nodding heads. Finally the train passes and they continue on their journey. Just after the RR crossing the road splits. The convertible takes the fork to the right and rear car takes the fork to the left. All of a sudden the rear car loses control as both front tires blow out.

What was communicated? The man in the convertible was saying that an accident had occurred the night before and that glass was still covering the road. He said to avoid the fork to the left. The noise of the train was so loud he couldn’t be heard.

Explanation? The man in the convertible represents our inner self, voice, our true nature. The train represents our conditioning or lack of sensitivity. The fork represents the choices we make in this life.

Our path? Life is about increasing our awareness and sensitivity to our inner voice so that we can make the most informed choices.

Another quote that illustrates this idea is from the book “Words of the Mother” from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

“Before the true self is known, you are a public place, not a being. There are so many clashing forces working in you: hence, if you wish to make real progress, know your own being which is in constant union with the Divine and then alone will transformation be possible.”





Elizabeth Delaney