Community Yoga

Community Yoga

Community Yoga

ImageThis post was written by Vanessa L. (yoga student, teacher trainee, writer, foodie).  We have watched Vanessa grow each day through her practice.  Thank you V!  

Sometime in February 2009, I went to my first class at Greenville Yoga. Back then, there was only one studio and I had decided to go to a class after speaking to the Brian on the telephone. I asked questions, many questions and later spent hours looking at the schedule, trying to decide on a class time.

I asked questions like: What should I wear? Do I need a mat? What class should I take first? And though Brian had probably answered these questions hundreds of times, he took the time to answer them for me as if I was the first one to ask them.

Truly, there were many things I could be doing that afternoon as I drove to the studio on Stone Avenue and waited for some one to arrive, but I chose to be there—and I chose to go back four or five times a week to practice Community yoga with a bunch of people I didn’t even know.

I must have gone to twenty or thirty community classes before I went to any other. The time slot is perfect for people who have children or work lunches in the restaurant business. Only one hour long, but long enough to quiet one’s thoughts before the late afternoon chores.

As I consider all the thoughts that crossed my mind during that first class–the alarm i felt at the loud breathing, the concern that my clothes would not be sufficient, I also remember how heartbroken, stressed and angry I was back then.

Greenville yoga is not about fitness–yoga is not about a work out–sure, you may get fit, and you may even get a work out, but for me, what is most important is the change I have experienced inside. It is all about community, no matter what time or location you choose to practice.

The change has occurred because I have learned to breathe, fostering calmness inside when nothing but chaos existed before. It has been established that the breathing practice I have learned works wonders on a conflicted central nervous system such as mine once was.

A couple of weeks ago, a question was asked through Facebook; “What word do you think of when you think of Greenville Yoga?” Instantly, I had to answer, “Home,” and I meant it. There have been times in my most recent life where I haven’t known where else to turn—and those are the times I have turned to Greenville Yoga.

There is a saying, “home is where the heart is,” and my practice at Greenville has surely helped me to uncover many parts of my once slow beating, broken, fragile heart. I feel as if my guarded, hurting self has begun to peel back the layers that have held me captive–I am fully conscious that I would not be where I am in my own body with out my community and my practice at North Main and Augusta Road.

Greenville yoga is about community; I am glad to call the community surrounding both of these wonderful studios home. ~Vanessa L.


Elizabeth Delaney