I have struggled with pain and anxiety on and off for 10 years having every test and treatment under the sun with no lasting positive results.  The pain has been almost unbearable this year until I was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 weeks ago.   I know that this difficult time will lead me to a deeper and more authentic whole hearted life if I trust in the healing process.   I was terrified to try yoga again but felt really drawn to your studio and am so glad I did.  I did some yoga years ago before the pain began and really loved it. It’s funny how I thought to myself that I would go back to yoga one day when I “got myself together” and one of my many amazing features could include being a “cool yoga chick” with all the answers. HA!  I realized Monday that yoga can be a safe place to be a complete mess and serve as path to healing and growing….by simply showing up and accepting where I am at any given moment. I just wanted to say that the class touched my heart deeply. Thank you for holding such a beautiful and safe place for healing and growth in our community.– Jesse Martini, Art Teacher
I have been attending Greenville Yoga since April of 2007. I found it on a whim, realizing I needed something in my life to counteract the stress of work, but I had no idea of the amazing community I was walking into. Greenville Yoga truly is just that – a community. You are welcomed from the moment you walk in. It seems impossible in this day and age, but this truly is a safe place with no judgment. Bring yourself just as you are – you will be taken care of. The teachers are all top-notch and extremely well-trained. They know how to offer modifications to suit your body or your needs for each particular class. They also truly care about their students – they are more friends than teachers. I know I used a lot of adjectives, but I cannot recommend this yoga studio highly enough. I have been going every Tuesday night for 8 years, and it’s made a world of difference in my life.– Emily Stevenson, Writer
Through yoga I learned about self-care and its importance. I have stayed with yoga the longest of any physical activity. I realized from the very first time that I can do this the rest of my life. Physically, I feel better all around.– Maureen Nery, preschool director
Thank you for your school. It has provided a peaceful place for us in an often crazy world. We are so happy to be here.– Lindsay Branum, mom and marketing team member & Brad Branum, business development representative
I appreciate this quiet place to practice yoga and the non-judgmental style of classes resonates well with me. I can’t believe this is not more popular. Everyone needs to be doing this.– Hank Czubek, database administration manager/system architect & avid hiker
 After three full months of practicing yoga eight times per week; I find I have patience, clarity, and confidence.  I no longer am ‘braced for impact’, but am able to feel exactly what is going on each moment.  I have let go of the pressures and stress of work and school and I can operate with a clear mind.  Even my husband notices that I can listen better and communicate more clearly.  I feel as though I am aligning my body and my life.  Now I am comfortable in my own skin and in my own life.  My life is beginning again at 42!– Lorraine Matheny, security manager