Maryanne Abdulhadi

Maryanne is a Miami bred yogini with a deep passion for living and sharing yoga. In college, she studied Psychology and has always been fascinated with the mind/body connection. She practices and continues to study Ashtanga Yoga. She has practiced and studied under many respected teachers including Sharath Jois. It was in this style of practice she found a home and a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection. Maryanne moved to Greenville in 2009 and began sharing her practice and its traditional teachings. In 2015 she started a Mysore program, offering the space for a more intimate connection teacher to student. Mysore Style offers a private in a group setting. Everyone moves at their own pace, in respect to the Ashtanga Series, and she is there for assistance and support. Maryanne believes yoga is a tool for living a harmonious life. All levels always welcome.

Jill Adrien

Jill started practicing yoga in 2001 in her hometown of Portland Oregon. Her first transformative experience with yoga helped her to learn how to raise her fallen arches in her feet. Yoga has continued to guide her body into proper alignment as she lives with hyper mobility and scoliosis. During her second pregnancy she prepared for child birth using prenatal yoga. She practiced off and on until coming to Greenville Yoga in 2013. She loved the feeling of home she experienced at Greenville Yoga. Jill has been an aerobics instructor since 1992. Jill is currently enjoying her time in Liz and Brian’s 200 Hour Teacher Training (for Nice People). Jill teaches breath initiated movement and wants to help others connect with their breath and body. She uses yoga and meditation to keep her centered and calm.

Ted Balk, RYT

Ted unexpectedly came to yoga after retiring from a thirty plus year career as an engineer working construction projects.. A skeptical drop-in to one class in July of 2012 led to a dedicated practice that turned his life around from a downward spiral into cynicism, alcoholism, and a failing body. He found healing in his body, mind, and spirit and a rekindled interest in life and wholeness of being.

After a year and a half of regular practice, Ted began a deeper study of himself with a year-long study with Lillah Schwartz in Asheville, followed by a second year in formal Yoga Teacher Training with Liz Delaney at Greenville Yoga.

Ted’s classes emphasize alignment and breathing in the yoga poses and movement, with a leaning toward teaching basic poses and working toward the integration of mind and body through a sustained Yoga practice. His classes are accessible to all bodies and levels of experience. The beginner will find a nurturing environment to learn the basics of breath work and proper alignment in simple poses. Those with a regular practice will find the emphasis on fundamentals a way to re-energize their poses, refresh their focus, and renew their practice in a deeper, more internal direction.

Liz Delaney, E-RYT, RPYT

Ten years before discovering Yoga, Liz suffered with asthma and anxiety. Shortly after discovering breath-centered yoga, Liz was able to throw away her inhaler for good; and in these classes she was taught the tools she still uses today to keep herself at peace and the anxiety at bay.  Liz uses this knowledge to teach breath-inspired movement, which leaves students feeling emotionally centered and more comfortable in their physical bodies. Whether you know yoga is good for you, or if it is your first class, Liz’s care for each student and the clarity of her instruction will immediately put you at ease. Liz’s life experience and dedicated time studying forgiveness and self-acceptance will inspire you to live your best life.

Liz’s first introduction to yoga was listening to her mom’s yoga records in the late ’80s, but a love of yoga wouldn’t emerge until ten years and many life changes later. After moving from Kentucky to California, Liz began taking many different yoga classes in search of a more meaningful life. In 2000, Brian Delaney took Liz to Max Strom’s breath-centered flow class. The very first time in “final relaxation”, she knew this was something different. In 2000, Liz completed her first teacher training with Max Strom and Sherry Brourman (physical therapist and author of “Walk Yourself Well”. Liz continued her training at Yoga Vermont and studied prenatal and postpartum flow-yoga. Then, in 2007, she completed a second training with Max Strom- “Yoga as a Way of Life.” In 2011, Liz completed Hi! Yoga Kids Teacher Training, a 30-hour training and practicum in yoga and meditation for children. Currently, she is half-way through her 500-hour training in Yin / Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers (author of Insight Yoga and current leader in the teaching of Yin Yoga around the globe.) This is a combination of Yin / Yang Yoga, Meditation, and Psychology.  With two children, she may finish the training in the next ten years!

Liz gets on the mat each morning to meditate and practice yoga. These practices allow Liz to have time for herself, so she can replenish her energy and give more to her family and the community that surrounds her.  Honestly, a day without breathing and moving mindfully or breathing consciously and sitting still is hard for her to imagine.  Liz does her best to practice and live her Yoga each day.

Mary Raven DeMarco, RYT and LMBT

Mary is a Thai yoga massage practitioner of six years, and a licensed massage therapist of ten. Mary began her yoga journey in 1997, and for years yoga served as a counter-pose to other physically demanding activities. More recently, with regular breath-centered yoga and mindfulness practices, she has found the courage and self-compassion to wrestle the afflictions of anxiety, emotional reactivity, and distractibility. Mary is enthusiastically engaged in Liz and Brian Delaney’s 200-hour Teacher Training (for Nice People!) and is grateful to be part of the Greenville Yoga community. Her intention is to encourage students of yoga to tune into the aliveness of their bodies, while practicing being present and compassionate, in order to achieve greater health, joy, and sense of well-being. For more information on Mary’s Thai bodywork and therapeutic massage, please visit: greenvilleravenmassage.com

Randy DePrince

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Kimmie Hale~ RYT

Kimmie is a curvy, down to earth, friendly spirit of a woman. She has practiced yoga and meditation to overcome obstacles in her past. In 2001, Kimmie was in a car accident that left her with a metal plate, a metal rod, and 11 screws in her right leg. Suffering from chronic pain from these injuries, she used (and continues to use) yoga to create a safe place of non-judgment on and off the mat.

With Kimmie’s yoga classes, she expresses how everyone can do yoga and that they can make it their own. She shows all levels in her classes and always emphasizes that yoga is a safe place for everyone, for restoration and of non-judgment. Kimmie is registered with Yoga Alliance at their 200-hour level through Greenville Yoga in October of 2013. She also attended Max Strom’s yoga teacher training workshop in the spring of 2013 and has been practicing yoga for over 10 years. Kimmie is currently working on a 500-hour teacher training through Asheville Yoga Center.

Lynn Harmon

Lynn’s classes are breath-inspired flow classes that will give anyone the tools and wisdom to have a more calm and centered life.  Lynn teaches students to pause and take time for themselves; allowing them to listen to their own internal wisdom.  Lynn began her personal yoga practice in 2006 when looking for something to give back to herself after mothering two young children.  What she found was a new relationship with herself and a sense of self-esteem.  After moving to Greenville, Lynn began taking classes at North Main Yoga (now Greenville Yoga).  She completed her 200-hour training with Liz & Brian Delaney in 2009 and has been teaching ever since.  Today Lynn continues to practice yoga and meditation because she is able to better hear her internal wisdom which helps her in every day life and in all of her relationships.

Susan Kohart

Following high school graduation, Susan took her first yoga class at a hot Bikram studio in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Taking dance since the age of 4, Susan was drawn to the physical vigor, concentration and sweat that the practice required of her. She continued to visit the studio anytime she was home from college.  During her final year at Clemson University, Susan took an elective course on Ashtanga yoga where she was first exposed to the complexity and entirety of the 8 limbs of yoga. After an ankle injury during her final semester dancing for Clemson, Susan was determined to find a new, HEALING, mode of movement.

She moved to Greenville and found a yoga home at Greenville Yoga. She learned the value in Liz and Brian’s emphasis on breath work. Through practice she experienced how positively transformative yoga can be when you actually practice BREATH guiding movement instead of merely practicing stretches.

Susan truly connected with Emma Chandler and her teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. She began practicing consistently with Emma starting in 2007. Susan grew committed to the discipline, beauty, art, and spiritual journey of Ashtanga Yoga. It has become a sacred practice and a safe place for her to honestly show up as she is when she steps onto her mat. It is a space that allows her to explore the good, bad, uncertain, habitual patterns and wonder that weave together her body, mind, and spirit. Susan’s yoga practice was the guiding force that allowed for a more easy and comfortable natural birth of her daughter. She values all the lessons that the yoga teaches her on how to live a more quality filled life as a wife, mother, and all the other roles of her life.

Lorraine Matheny

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Caroline McIntyre

As of 2018, Caroline has taught Sivananda Yoga for 27 years in California, the Bahamas, New York, and South Carolina. She has taught in Greenville for 15 years. She was on staff at the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in the Bahamas for 17 years and was an assistant teacher in their International Teacher Training Course. Her classes are a full 90 minutes, so that final relaxation is extended and deep. If you have any sleep problems or just in need of deep silence, try the Monday and Wednesday 7pm classes and see what changes. Caroline explains that she teaches yoga because it requires her to practice. And, she practices yoga because she loves to teach. She believes that sharing the restorative powers of yoga with students is not her occupation — it is her joy. In the words of her teachers: Health is Wealth, Peace of Mind is Happiness. Yoga shows the Way.

Angela Murphy

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Melissa Pollard

Melissa came to yoga due to a discombobulation, of sorts, within herself; she was working through PTSD and depression. In 2005 she stumbled into a yoga class. The feeling of peace and joy resting in savasana and the compassionate radiance from the instructor she knew she had found something deeply valuable.

Through her yoga journey, she has found a strength within her she didn’t know before. She is able to focus more and with more presence and gratitude. Overall, yoga allows her the experience of standing in awe of life. And it has become a source of invaluable space to heal.

In 2008, she attended 200hr. yoga teacher training at the White Lotus foundation with Ganga and Tracy White. She has also been practicing meditation at The Awakened Heart Center with Tom Thompson since 1997. Both experiences led to a deeper understanding of our true nature and our relationship with ourselves.

She continues to grow and learn as a teacher of yoga and a student through trainings and life experience.

In class, she uses breath, mindfulness, and the tools passed on from many inspiring teachers to facilitate a loving practice with heightened awareness. She loves to laugh at herself. And enjoys providing space for your own life to flourish within the realms of your unique journey.

Bethe Reed

When Bethe first began practicing yoga, she was so anxious, she could barely walk into a room full of people without bursting into tears.  She struggled daily with her eating disorder and depression.  Incidentally, she also could not touch her toes.

Her hamstrings were tight, but her heart center was tighter.

Years of a dedicated yoga practice slowly began to loosen the knots in her heart, until one day Bethe realized that yoga had become the most empowering tool in her Recovery.  The meditative practice eased her anxieties and calmed her racing thoughts, and the physical practice gave her a space to celebrate the body, rather than constantly tear it down. Bethe completed her 200-HR RYT training with Liz Delaney at Greenville Yoga, in hopes of sharing the gifts yoga has brought to her with others.

Bethe generally teaches moderately-paced vinyasa flow classes, led by breath, with an emphasis on the meditative aspects of the practice.  Her classes are often themed around body acceptance (and kindness), self forgiveness, skills for anxiety relief, and yoga as an exploration, rather than a performance.

Bethe aims to support every student on their journey through the challenges of self-acceptance, and the joys of self-discovery.

Matt Rolin

Matt found his way into his first yoga class around 2009.  He only had one goal which was to help his lower back and didn’t expect anything else. Along the way he found that it provided the tools to help with most of his daily life. Over the years his practice grew and pain dissipated. Many times he strayed and the pain would always return. Now yoga is an integral part of his life. He enjoys sharing what he has learned with others. Helping them to find ways to deal with their own pains and watching them on their journey as they learn together.  He truly believes yoga can help anyone that is willing to give it a real chance and that yoga will give back more than you may even expect.  Matt completed teacher training with Liz Delaney at Greenville Yoga over the course of 2015.  He brings kindness into each of his classes and truly listens to each student to know what poses need to be part of the day’s class.

Ali Teeslink

Ali’s intention for each yoga class is to create a safe space for bodies of all levels and abilities to explore their own inner teacher.  Her classes focus on the healing power of the breath and the pure joy of feeling alive in the body!  Yoga has helped Ali make peace with her mind and transform self-harming behaviors into self-love.  Ali discovered yoga in 2014 while in an Intensive Outpatient Program for Eating Disorder Treatment.  After exiting intensive care, Ali continued to use yoga as a tool for recovering from trauma and addiction.  Ali’s classes help students find a quiet strength that allows them to use their physical bodies as a point of focus and healing. Ali completed her 200-hour teacher training at Greenville Yoga.

Kelly Nicole VanDeren, LMBT

Kelly Nicole (VanDeren) began her yoga practice in 2003, after moving to Greenville from Sedona, Arizona. Her desire for a deeper personal practice and a passion for sharing yoga, led her to her first teacher training with Liz and Brian Delaney in 2009. Kelly is a licensed massage therapist of 7 years and utilizes that knowledge in teaching Vinyasa flow yoga. Using the breath as a graceful guide, her goal in class is to release stiff areas within the body, strengthen, and gently focus the mind to the present moment. For massage therapy info, please contact Kelly via email at <a href=”mailto:kellyvanderenyoga@gmail.com”>kellyvanderenyoga@gmail.com</a>

Jill Wrenn

Jill Wrenn discovered the benefits of a daily yoga practice while on a women’s kayaking trip in Mexico in 2011. Starting each day with yoga and breathwork helped her meet the challenges of adventure travel with a clear mind and relaxed body. Not wanting to lose this feeling of being calm and centered, Jill began a regular yoga practice at Greenville Yoga upon returning home. Consistent yoga practice helps Jill maintain an active lifestyle while calming her overactive mind. She completed teacher training with Liz Delaney at Greenville Yoga in 2015.