On-Site Yoga

We are expanding our yoga programs to include on-site yoga. We have had many requests from local businesses and families alike that have enjoyed our outreach programs. Below is a menu of our services and pricing. Please contact us via email if you have further questions or to set up your events and classes.

Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga classes are small group classes taught at your place of business in a quiet, comfortable space such as a boardroom, lunch room, or gymnasium. Chairs and tables can be easily pushed aside to transform a work space into “yoga space.”

Whether you are a large company, or a local non-profit, your Workplace Yoga Program will enhance employee/company relationships, increase productivity, improve efficiency & concentration, and decrease absences due to illness. For these reasons and more, an increasing number of corporations and organizations are providing yoga classes for their employees.

Special Types of Workplace Yoga include: Yoga for Beginners, Yoga and Breathwork for Stress Relief, Chair Yoga, and Mixed Level Yoga

Cost: 1/2 hour – $45; 1 hour – $90


Private Yoga

Private Yoga lessons are available in your home or at Greenville Yoga. These lessons might be suited for you if you are nervous about coming to a class for the first time, or if you have questions and would like to refine your practice in a one-on-one setting. We also provide private yoga lessons to anyone with serious injuries that would like to know how to modify their yoga practice for a larger class setting. These lessons can be for anyone from new student to an advanced level student. When you contact us, please let us know if you would like to work with a specific teacher, or if you have a specific intention for your yoga practice. We will then match you with the teacher that is right for you.

Cost: 1 hour – $60


Bridal Party Yoga

This started after several requests from brides that are students at Greenville Yoga. The teacher of your choice will come to your location (or you can come to ours if the space if available) for a morning yoga practice the day of your wedding. This class is focused on creating an intention for the day and helping the bride stay calm so she can remain present and enjoy each moment. This is a very special practice and one you will cherish after your wedding day has ended.

Cost: 1 hour – $60


Children’s Birthday Parties

Have one of our teachers come to your home for a unique birthday party. We find this works best for children 5 and older with a nice open space for yoga. We have taught yoga at Birthday parties inside and on the lawn. We will provide yoga mats and 1/2 hour to 1 hour of yoga instruction, depending on the age group of children. For younger children, this will include a story that goes with the yoga time and some yoga games. For older children and teenagers, we teach a regular flow class that is fun and gets them moving.

Cost: 1/2 hour – $30 or 1 hour – $60 (up to 10 children)

1/2 hour – $60 or 1 hour- $120 (11-20 children)


After School Yoga Programs

We currently have after school programs at Christ Church Episcopal School and one of our teachers teaches at the Sterling Center. If you are interested in having a yoga program at your school, please contact us via email or phone. Classes run 1-hour in length. In Elementary Schools, we focus on increasing concentration and body control, while teaching the basic poses of yoga. Elementary students enjoy learning about yoga through movement, stories, and yoga games. In Middle Schools, we focus on flow yoga and moving with the breath. We find that Middle Schoolers particularly enjoy the movement with the breath to gain strength, flexibility, and a sense of relaxation.

Cost: Price is negotiable and on a per student basis.