Class Schedule

Dear All,
We are live broadcasting our full schedule now! You are welcome to follow the instructions below to try it from home.  We open classrooms 10-minutes before class start times:

1. Sign in to your account through our website student access page (link below).
2. On the calendar, once you have registered and paid for class you will see a “View Broadcast” link. You must be signed in, registered and paid to get the link.
3. You can either download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app or cut and paste the link into your web browser. It may give you a weird ‘%20https’ before the web address, delete that bit and try again.

As a side note, we have found that using your computer works best, however, if you are using a mobile device click the link that says ‘launch web version’ on the sign in page. The TULA and GY App do not log you directly into the class.
Stay well and take good care of one another,
Liz and all of the teachers at Greenville Yoga