Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Yoga

This is a vigorous practice with benefits that reach far beyond the physical body.  When you concentrate your effort and energy into postures, breath and gaze; you discover a moving meditation that brings a sense of release as you settle in to savasana (final resting pose). This release will follow you home and stay through the remainder of your day. Ashtanga Yoga is a well-preserved, ancient system that is based on a lineage of teacher to student tradition. The classes are the same each time, only you are different each time you enter the room.  The more you attend the Ashtanga Classes the more you will grow and learn and become more comfortable in your own skin.  Come to class to experience the opening chant, the series of poses in an abridged Primary Series, as well as the sensations of “Om-ing” to begin or end your day.

EveryBODY Classes

Have you tried yoga and said, “This just isn’t for me?”  Do the images you see on tv intimidate you and you feel you “can’t do yoga?”  Do you have physical limitations, but still want to practice yoga in a way that makes sense for your body today?  If so, this class is designed just for you.  Each class is taught based on each individual who is present in class- hence the name ‘everyBODY.’  Class will be modified based on who is in class and you will be welcomed and cared for exactly as you are.

Students who have limited mobility, chronic pain, injury or even those who just enjoy a more gentle yoga practice are welcome to attend.  The focus of this class is healing the body from the inside out.  Class includes instruction on breathing, gentle movement and guided meditation.

  • Yoga for EveryBODY focuses on deep breathing and gentle floor movements.  Any standing is done with assistance of a chair.  Class typically includes restorative yoga poses as well.  All poses are done with the support of the floor, blankets, bolsters, a chair, or the wall.
  • Flow for EveryBODY includes breath-initiated moment, some standing poses and balance work with gentle stretching to close the class.  Think of this as your EveryBODY plus one!  These are the next stages if your body is ready to move a little more than our Yoga for EveryBODY.  Also a great class for those new to yoga or those intimidated by starting a yoga practice.


Practicing yoga changes your life.  Practicing meditation changes the landscape of your mind.  You can, literally, rewire your brain with meditation learning to pause, soften and connect to each moment as it occurs.  Less reactive.  More responsive.  This class will give you the tools to do just that!  These are tools you can take home and craft into your own home meditation practice. Meditation can be done in a chair, seated on yoga blankets, or lying down, all levels of comfort are welcome. Beginners to regularly practicing meditators will benefit from this class and from connecting with a community of meditators each week.

Mindful Flow Classes

It is difficult to put into words what it is like to experience a Mindful Flow Class.  The best I can offer is that the moment you step on your mat and take a full deep breath, it is a reset for your entire life.  Keep moving with the breath and then you find yourself leaving class feeling balanced and ready to face whatever happens next.  The effect of these classes are cumulative- the more you come, the larger the buffer is between you and the chaos of the modern world.  All you have to do is show up and breathe.

Mindful Flow classes are Hatha Yoga classes that combine breath-initiated movement with traditional asanas (postures) to create a balanced practice of activity and rest, strength and flexibility, effort and ease.  Class pace and energy will be determined by the teacher, based on the students in the room for any given class.

  • Level 1 & 2 is perfect for beginners or if you want to move slowly and feel each movement as you go.  More directions are given for each pose.
  • All Levels will offer a more moderate pace and you may learn systematic ways to get in some poses that are new to you.
  • Level 2 & 3 invites in a little more challenge than your regular class.  Pace is moderate and less alignment instructions are given.
  • Mindful Flow & Yin is half gentle, standing yoga and half pure bliss, floor yoga (see Yin description below).

Limitless: Level 3

When your practice is steady and you are ready to tap into your potential… come, join a group of dedicated students and teachers and see what you are capable of. As we breathe and move together, we will (re)awaken the body and stir the soul. This is the place to you try things you’ve never tried before or find ease in a pose that has been been eluding you for years.  Here we will refine patterns of movement to re-energize and stabilize the physical body, allowing the physical practices to culminate into moments of open, expanded awareness and clear seeing. This class will help you find the full expression of your yoga and rediscover that sense of being limitless: deep roots, wide wings, pure potential.

This is not a multi-level class, but a Level 3 and beyond.  At times, the physical aspects may be the most challenging for you, and at others, it may be the mental or emotional practices that may be the challenge that day.  Each class will be a little different. Please know that regardless of the higher level of learning, this room will continue to be a non-competitive space. We are all in this together.  The Limitless practice is not about performing a pose, but about discovering the heart of practice so its effects thread throughout your daily life and into the world. Class size is limited to 15 people.

Mom & Baby Yoga

Class currently on hiatus as Mary is on maternity leave…Being a new mom is difficult and beautiful at the same time.  Join other new moms to find a community of support while you reconnect with your body after childbirth. Learn breathing practices to calm and re-center; learn yoga postures to rebuild strength and flexibility and to soothe the aches of new parenthood. Practice integrates your little one into your yoga practice. Learn basic massage techniques and stretches to do with your baby to bond with your baby and promote healthy development.

Out of respect for your body, please come at least 4-6 weeks after your baby has been born. Open to all parents and caregivers and babies. Bring a baby blanket for your baby to chill on.

Prenatal Yoga

Class currently on hiatus as Mary is on maternity leave…Join a community of soon to be moms and learn how to use yoga as a tool to support you physically and emotionally through your pregnancy and to prepare for the childbirth process. We will explore yoga postures that help to relieve common aches and pains of pregnancy as well as prepare and strengthen your body for childbirth. Breathing exercises will aid in relaxation, calm your nervous system, and are beneficial to practice in preparation for childbirth and childrearing.

Mary creates a nurturing environment for you to befriend and connect with your body and growing baby. In this safe space you are invited to notice sensations, to experiment with movement and breathing, and to practice being empowered about making choices that are right for you.

Sivananda Yoga

Experience self-care and nurturing in a whole new way- from a balanced place of effort and ease.  Caroline will help guide you to a place where everything in your world feels right just as it is.  She also offers nurturing and guidance to challenge you within your own practice on each given day.  When you begin Caroline’s class, you begin laying down with eyes closed- letting the world around you fall away.  Her lyrical voice guides you through some moderate flowing movements to stretch the body in all ranges of motion while building energetic reserves for the days ahead.  She then sings you into your savasana where you fall into a deep state of rest.  Caroline is one of Greenville’s master teachers – she has been teaching over two decades and she has a depth of insight that she shares in every class she leads.

Sivananda Yoga is a traditional system of hatha yoga (the yoga of movement) that progresses systematically through the body’s major muscle groups and energy (chakra) areas. Be prepared to experience boosts of energy and mental keenness, as well as deeper sleep and personal peace. Appropriate for all levels.

Yin Yoga

Warning!  Yin Yoga has been known to lead people to states of deep inner peace, calm and even bliss.  This class is like nothing else out there.  Yin Yoga gives us quietude, stillness and nothing to do.  Your job in this class is to get into a suggested shape (to your appropriate edge) and stay there a while.  The effects will be long-lasting and might even create the desire to practice Yin Yoga and meditation daily.

This class is suitable for ALL bodies.  All work will be done on the floor and supported by soft props.  Longer holds of poses allow for a deeper stretch that promotes healing for the physical body.  Meditative tools will be used to help calm the mind and open the heart as well.