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Benefits of Yoga by Craig

Yoga for Enhanced Physiologic Health Craig Metcalf, RN, BSN, E-RYT* If you practice yoga, you’ve probably experienced firsthand that sense of calm awareness and relaxation that sometimes only a self-care session on your mat can provide. We may not think much about whyyoga makes us feel that way, from a physical perspective, but there are […]

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KonMari Your Yoga!

You’ve heard of KonMariby now, right?  If not, it’s what is sweeping the nation with the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Marie Kondo, the author of this book, even has her own Netflix specials!  The (super simplified) premise is basically to hold each item you own in your hand and if it brings you […]

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Coming to Light

This was our newsletter from August 2018… I had so many replies and responses from students across the country sharing their own personal stories.  We wanted to share this here in case anyone else ever feels the same.  Know you are not alone. Sometimes you are waiting for life to change, but all it really […]

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Why Yoga?

Below is a letter from Susan Kohart, our Ashtanga Mama.  She teaches a very challenging practice within such a safe and caring environment.  Two weeks ago she led an “Ashtanga Curious” workshop and she sent this out to everyone who attended.  I thought it was so lovely that we needed to share.  If you are […]

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The Next Phase

Greenville Yoga has been our home for over twelve years now.  When we first opened, we were one of two (maybe three) yoga studios in town.  But a decade plus later, Greenville has grown by leaps and bounds!  Our teachers have grown, our student base has grown and with the growth and the development of […]

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