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Why Yoga?

Below is a letter from Susan Kohart, our Ashtanga Mama.  She teaches a very challenging practice within such a safe and caring environment.  Two weeks ago she led an “Ashtanga Curious” workshop and she sent this out to everyone who attended.  I thought it was so lovely that we needed to share.  If you are […]

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Give Yourself a Break

Limiting beliefs can cause us to stop trying new things. With our new challenge of stepping up our practice, there are times when what we have been through in life may stop us from achieving what we think we can’t do. So my personal challenge is to suspend my limiting beliefs gently and remove “I […]

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Sacred Space

Sometimes when we grow, we have to develop a new way of being, or at least a collective understanding of how to grow and keep our space feeling sacred.  Each of you has helped to create this amazing community of students and teachers who look out for one another, come early to talk about life and […]

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I Can’t… (fill in the blank)

Today I was having friends over for our monthly brunch and book discussion.  I decided I wanted to make something that I wouldn’t have to prepare while my friends were here.  It just so happened that my friend / student, Emily, posted a lovely recipe on her blog I thought I might try. So here […]

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A Different Way to Yoga

One of our kind students wanted to share what Yoga means for her.  We may never know the people we are breathing next to, their daily struggles or daily successes.  But showing up and being together has a tremendous impact on each student.  Whether you realize it or not… My first thought every morning is, “Am I […]

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