Carriage Allegory

Carriage Allegory

Carriage Allegory

On Thursday, Max Strom visited our yoga school and shared this story at his book talk.  This post comes from Max’s book, however, the allegory is much older than that.  This is just to give you something to think about on your journey…

Imagine a carriage in terrible disrepair, while the horses that pull it are half-wild.  The driver is distracted and [half drunk], and the passenger is a king or queen, who is asleep, dreaming that he /she is a peasant.

The broken carriage represents our body, the wild horses represent our emotions, the distracted driver represents our mind, and the sleeping passenger represents our soul… Yoga helps us:

  • repair the coach (body)
  • train the horses (emotions)
  • sober and focus the driver (mind)
  • awaken the passenger (soul)

Our work in the yoga room can truly do all of these things.  It simply requires patience and practice.  Sometimes we have to start over again and again- one breath at a time.


Elizabeth Delaney