I Can’t… (fill in the blank)

I Can’t… (fill in the blank)

Today I was having friends over for our monthly brunch and book discussion.  I decided I wanted to make something that I wouldn’t have to prepare while my friends were here.  It just so happened that my friend / student, Emily, posted a lovely recipe on her blog I thought I might try.

So here I am in my kitchen on a rainy Sunday morning, music on, slicing sweet potatoes.  I am thinking to myself, “I hope this turns out.  I just can’t cook.”  But then I continued to think and realized that I do cook.  I cook dinner for my kids three to five nights a week and have for the last three years.  I make breakfast when they want something warm and home-made.  When I have time, I actually enjoy making food for friends and family.  The fact that food gets put on the table and I prepare it (either using already prepped ingredients or making my own meals from scratch) shows that I can in fact cook!

What I realized is that I’ve had over a decade of messages telling me I can’t cook.  I believed them.  I bought them hook, line and sinker and never questioned the fact that I can’t cook… until today.  So this Sunday, while slicing sweet potatoes and making this awesome quiche (I even modified it and used rainbow chard and goat cheese) I realized I actually CAN cook and people actually enjoy the food I cook.  I may not be a gourmet chef, but I can in fact cook and some days I even enjoy it!  So now my task is to consider what other messages might have been given to me that I am not even aware of and begin the process of letting them go.


Elizabeth Delaney