Breaking the Pattern

Breaking the Pattern

Breaking the Pattern

A great post by our newest teacher at North Main, Randa Wiley… When I first began practicing yoga, I noticed that many yogis opted for herbal teas rather than coffee. I remember thinking, “There is no way I am going to stop drinking coffee.” I haven’t exactly stopped drinking it, but I have decreased my intake.

We so often get stuck in patterns, and we don’t even realize it. I have recently realized that I am stuck in a pattern, and I am beginning to change it. I have had this pattern of drinking coffee or espresso all day long. I have even had dreams of opening my own coffee shop just so I could I always inhale the lovely smell of brewed, dark, roasted espresso. I used to say that it doesn’t effect me, but since I have decreased my caffeine intake, I have noticed a tremendous difference. I am learning the art of slowing down. I no longer jump from one task to the next as if it were a race, I take my time and enjoy it. This one change has led to many more changes. I used to run a few miles a day, I have traded my running in for long walks, or I will practice more yoga than usual.  The decrease in high impact cadio has in turn caused my appetite to decrease. I have traded my voracious appetite in for an appetite that matches my new energy level.  Instead of having that extra shot of espresso or cup of coffee, I simply practice a few backbends.
Practicing these backbends will give you some extra energy:

– Standing backbend

– Camel

– Bridge

– Wheel

– Reverse table

I have relied on caffeine for my energy for so long, that I didn’t realized that it has effected me in so many other ways. I still drink coffee, but I’m learning that enjoying things in moderation even applies to coffee. I am still learning how to function with my natural energy rather than artificial energy, but I know that I will be healthier in the long run. When you consume a certain type of thing for so long, it’s hard to know how it effects you, but once you replace it with something else, you will inevitably see the many ways it effects your life…all things are connected. If you are stuck in a routine or think you may be over indulging, try out a change for a week and see how you feel.